Paris Becomes One of the Most Garden-Friendly Cities in the World

Paris Becomes One of the Most Garden-Friendly Cities in the World 5Citizens of Paris are taking another step into the future. According to a new law passed, people can now cultivate their own green gardens.

Green Garden- Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed?

Although it is illegal to grow your own food in the U.S., Paris has now raised the bar. From now they can contribute to their own individual yards.

All this can be easily achieved by receiving a three-year permit which of course after it expires, can be renewed once again.

Thus, by receiving this document, any person is granted the chance to grow his own garden within the city premises.

Anything is allowed when planting in these gardens. Whether you might like to cultivate under trees, within boxes, on walls, anything is manageable.

Paris in fact, insists that its residents try to their best to fill the unused space and beautify the city with such green garden.

Overall, there is an aim. By the year 2020, Parisians will supposedly create about 100 hectors full of green roofs and walls.

Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris stated that a percentage of one-third of the green fields serve mostly to agriculture.

A release made by My Modern Met further emphasizes the importance of caring for the gardens. They say locals have the main role: cultivating plants without using pesticides.

Even more, each gardener must sign a number of documents among which we can mention the “Charter of revegetation”. Growing honey plants also comes with the package.

Why do all this? Not only to help the agriculture but also to help improve the city aesthetic.

A Helping Hand from the Mayor

Paris Becomes One of the Most Garden-Friendly Cities in the WorldIn order to make it easier for future gardeners, the city even offers a “planting kit” containing seeds and one of the best soils.

Imagination within the entire project is the key element. Citizens can plant vegetables, fruits, plants and any type of green that could revitalize the city.

The mayor’s assistant Penelope Komitès supports the cause as well. She believes that cultivating gardens would also help improve the relationships among the city residents.

Not only that, the entire process brings about new advantages. Besides the increase of quality life for citizens, researchers believe that the bee population would also prosper.

Overall, growing gardens appear to have more than one benefit. This project is a win-win  for the entire city, for the environment and all other involved.

So, for now, all we can do is wait and see if Paris manages to pull this off. How big of a difference will this bring to the city?

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