Once You See This Video, You’ll Probably Never Drink Soda Again. Trust Me On This

Probably Never Drink Soda Again

Warnings about the negative health effects of drinking soda are everywhere, but sometimes words are just not as impactful as visuals.

This eye-opening video literally shows what it boils down to – by boiling bottles of Coke and a Coke Zero.

This simple experiment answers the question of just how much sugar is in that soft drink.

If you love coke think that “ignorance is bliss”, you may want to look away just about now, because this might just disgust you enough to never drink soda again.

I’ve always known that soda is bad for you with all the sugar it contains but seen this video made me say: WOW

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Gross. Of course, diet drinks come with their own risks in the form of all kinds of chemicals, so I’m just going to drink water from now on, thank you very much.

Please share this with others, everyone needs to see this.

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