What Oil Companies Don’t Want You to Know

What-Oil-Companies-Dont-Want-You-to-KnowStuff That Oil Companies Don’t Want You to Know – Suppressed Technology

As oil supplies dwindle, it seems everyone is searching for the next big energy breakthrough. Oil companies are doing the same thing — at least, that’s the mainstream view.

So why don’t conspiracy theorists believe them? Tune in to find out.

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Often, it is relegated to the realm of “conspiracy theory,” in that, those who discuss this question or propose answers to it, are purveyors of a conspiratorial view of the world.

However, it is my intention to discard the labels, which seek to disprove a position without actually proving anything to the contrary.

One of these labels – “conspiracy theorist” – does just that: it’s very application to a particular perspective or viewpoint has the intention of “disproving without proof;” all that is needed is to simply apply the label.

The oil companies have known for years that oil is eventually going to run out and the oil centered lifestyle is going to shatter. So how to make sure that million dollar business won’t die out?

Well… first you patent every alternative energy efficient invention and keep it hush, hush so no one will realize there is an alternative and they will keep buying oil.

Then when the oil is drained to the last drop you present the new efficient sufficient and perfect alternative and save the day.

It is not just about oil, but energy as a whole. Any drastic increase in energy supply will lead to deflation and to collapse of debt based monetary, financial and banking system. Cheap energy makes you less dependent of debt, and they can not allow this to happen.

Money rules the world.period. They don’t want us to advance for the common good of mankind, instead profit of the misfortune and hard labor of humanity. AKA modern day financial slavery.

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