Noodles Produced by Maggi Are a Health Hazard

Noodles Produced by MaggiThey say we are what we eat. But what if we have no idea about what we are eating anymore? The same can be said when discussing the noodles which Maggi has to offer.

Maggi Noodles Contain More Than Expected

Everything we hear about today has to do with multinational corporations and legal court battles. But why Maggi? Let’s see why that is.

Apparently, India is now suing Nestle by filling a class action lawsuit. Following some recent lab results, their government discovered that consumers are in danger. Mostly because the Maggi noodles contain levels of lead higher than the expected amount.

First, they submitted a claim to the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).

As a result of it, the Swiss food giant has to pay for the damage with a sum of 6,400 million rupees. Overall, in U.S. money, that would be worth $ 98.6 million.

This is what the government had to say about the whole issue:

“In recent months, we had over 2,700 samples of MAGGI Noodles tested by several accredited laboratories both in India and abroad. Each one of these tests have shown lead to be far below the permissible limits.”

Quite a big sum that Nestle has to pay the consumers.

Thanks to their 2-minute advertising campaign Nestle gained its popularity really fast in India. Researchers say that noodles produced by Maggi are among the fastest-selling products when it comes to food.

Going Bankrupt?

Statistics show that, in only a year, the company gains a total of 15 billion Rupees (the equivalent of $240 million).

Furthermore, we discovered other evidence about the product. A first evaluation brought to surface traces of monosodium glutamate (MSG) in noodles.

Following a second test, researchers ultimately revealed how not only they contain MSG, but now they also contain lead. The results were shocking after discovering the product contained “seven times the safe amount of lead”.

Even though these noodles were banned from shops in 2015, they shortly returned on the shelves in India. The crisis continues.

Sales immediately began to drop and slowly the company began to lose its consumers. Not only that, Maggi will soon face a huge loss of profit, about half a million dollars. Who knows, they may even go bankrupt.

It seems this is what happens when major companies try to control the population to their own interest.

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