New US Patents Could Signal The End Of Pesticides & GMOs


Are you tired of seeing GMOs in your food?

This new U.S. patent could signal the end of pesticides and GMOs. We are consuming pesticides and GMOs without even knowing about it.

Our environment is being sprayed with harmful pesticides which make us unhealthy very quickly. These pesticides are contributing to a massive reduction in the bee population and a general decline in soil health.

Companies that are making a profit from these pesticides are clear that they won’t stop, and petitions to the EPA and FDA are being ignored because of the revolving door leadership between the companies that are making the pesticides and government regulators.

The world’s leading mycologist, Paul Stamets, filed a patent in 2001 that was first given little attention.

New US Patents Could Signal The End Of Pesticides and GMO

Pesticide companies say that it is “The most disruptive technology that we have ever witnessed.” The biopesticides in the patent are near permanent, safe solution for over 200,000 species of insects, and it comes from a mushroom. Some mushrooms perform what is called “sporulation”, then the area becomes unsuitable for whatever insects the fungi are coded for. Extracts of the entomopathogenic fungi can steer insects in different directions.

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This is a completely different thought than regular pesticides. Instead of killing the insects, a farmer could just disperse a pre-sporulation fungi among their crops. Then, the insects would live their lives around the crops, paying no attention to them. This biopesticide would almost eliminate the need for Roundup Ready GMO seeds and BT seeds that grow the pesticides in the crops.

“The matrix of pre-sporulating fungi can optionally be dried, freeze-dried, cooled and/or pelletized and packaged and reactivated for use as an effective insect attractant and/or biopesticide,” – Paul Stamets Patent for Mycoattractants and Mycopesticides

“ecological rehabilitation and restoration, preservation and improvement of habitats, bioremediation of toxic wastes and polluted sites, filtration of agricultural, mine and urban runoff, improvement of agricultural yields and control of biological organisms.”

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