The new iPhone 6 madness, back again…

People are lining up for an iPhone 6 that doesn’t exist yet

Some people collect coins, others collect stamps, and then there’s a set of individuals who line up super early for the latest iPhone every year. That’s normally a few days before Apple’s latest smartphone is due to go on sale, but this year it’s happening already.


Some people are already placing orders for the rumored iPhone 6 and standing in line at the company’s flagship location in New York City with sleeping bags and chairs to wait out the launch.

Apple’s iPhone 6 unveiling is not expected until next Tuesday, that might sound insane, but the first couple were paid $2,500 by two others to secure the top spots weeks in advance.

“We wanted to beat the record, which had been 18 days,” said Brian Ceballo, who arrived at Apple’s NYC flagship Sunday to wait.

Ceballo and Joseph Cruz represent electronic reseller BuyBackWorld and were the first people in line before Jason and Moon Ray paid them $2,500 to secure the top spots in line. While waiting, the Rays are promoting an app from VideoMedicine that allows patients to Skype with doctors.

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For the fifth year, Ceballo waited with Cruz. He estimates he has made $7,000 waiting for Apple launches in addition to building his social media following, a process that has clearly transformed from enthusiasm into a business for some.

“That’s the thing with iPhone fans—even though they just got the iPhone 5s last year, they still want the latest and greatest,”

While Apple has not said when the next iPhone would go on sale, it is widely expected to be unveiled at an event on Sept. 9. Recently, the company sent out a series of invitations to the event, saying: “9.9. 2014 Wish we could say more.”

Source | CNBC

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