NBC’s Accidental Election Results Could Turn Out to be True

Election Results Could Turn Out to be TrueJust a few more days to go until America finds out this year’s election results. Yet, affiliate WRCB of NBC has released some shocking news.

Election Results Gone Wrong?

This affiliation in Chattanooga, Tennessee revealed the election results of the night. Published in a typical format used by most news networks the findings are astounding.

The official page contained them all: Congressional and Presidential results, electoral votes and many other.

Even tough they removed the page soon enough, we can still access the election results through the online archive.

Based on this, it seems pretty clear who the winner is.

Overall, Hillary appears to rule over the election.

With a percentage of 41.7 (almost 42%), unlike Trump who has 40.1, Hillary has defeated her adversary.

However, the news is not exclusive from either the affiliate or NBC. The channels have merely taken the actual information from WorldNow.com.

Election Results Could Turn Out to be True 1

As one of the biggest management platforms known, networks such as Fox, ABC, CBS and so on, tend to use this source repeatedly.

Another platform they use is “Frankly“. But, why use them in the first place? The aim of these networks is that of powering the content of their news, of course.

It appears that these results went as far as showing the winning rates, state by state. Many news websites use this source, as you can see from the writing “powered by Frankly” at the bottom of each page. You can still find the premature results on WorldNow.com, an FTP server available to the public.

A Bad Habit?

What should we believe about these election results? Could they be rigged? What just happened is obviously suspicious and not even Clinton’s first time using this method. During the California primary, the Associated Press published a picture, way before the results, which had a similar impact. The image’s name was “secret win v2” and it stated that Clinton had “clinched” the nomination. As we can see from the name, it was even edited more than once.

Could it be that Clinton’s campaign staff is planning on doing the same thing, but on a nation-wide scale this time? We have seen proof, more than once, that these elections are fake, and now all we can do is wait. Hopefully, freedom and democracy will prevail in the land that sworn to protect them.

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