Naked ambition: Mayor’s wife opens cannabis shop next to her strip club


Mayor wife opens cannabis shop next to her strip clubA new legal cannabis shop in the US state of Colorado is receiving potshots for its proximity to a strip club and ties with the mayor.

The Smokin’ Gun Apothecary opened in the space previously occupied by the popular strip club Shotgun Willie’s, which is now across the parking lot.

Both businesses are owned by the wife of the mayor, who apparently thinks there’s a crossover audience.

Deborah Dunafon wants to offer tokers discounted drinks at the strip club by selling mugs.

She also thinks the stoners will bring a chiller vibe to her not-so-gentlemanly club.

“It’s a wild, rowdy place, and if you smoke a bowl, you’re not exactly rowdy,” she said.

In Colorado, local governments can decide whether they want to allow private pot clubs, but selling both weed and alcohol in the same place is banned.

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There is no regulation for mixing marijuana and pleasure, but the close quarters of the pot shop and strip joint has caused some concern regarding the sale of alcohol.

Mayor Mike Dunafan, the other half of the power couple, took some heat last year when he was the deciding vote on the Glendale City Council to approve the Smokin Gun’s site plan.

Although the couple weren’t married at the time, they were living together, leading to complaints about a conflict of interest.

The pot shop has just opened and boasts two spliff-shaped pillars at the entrance with smoke effects.


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