Mysterious “Floating City” Sightings Raise Concerns Over Secret Gov’t PsyOps Programs

Unusual sightings of ultra-realistic “floating cities” in the sky are being blamed on a secretive government program related to HAARP and the man-made manipulation of the stratosphere.

Mysterious Floating City Sightings Raise Concerns Over Secret Govt PsyOps ProgramsOnce relegated to the realm of “conspiracy theories”, the US government’s manipulation of the sky and weather has been all but admitted by high-ranking government officials under the name “geo-engineering.”

Though the existence of such projects is now public knowledge, the details regarding the programs themselves remain murky as no one really knows what is being developed or tested.

However, recent and decidedly unusual phenomena have led some theorists to speculate that such secret government programs, particularly those which benefit from the government’s massive “black budget”, are aimed – not just at manipulating the sky for weather control – but at carrying out deceptive, psychological operations (PsyOps) on unsuspecting populations via holographic projections.

As crazy as it may sound, the events that have inspired much of this speculation involve the sudden appearances of “floating cities” in nations throughout the world in recent years.

The most recent floating city appeared over Yueyang, China this past Wednesday, where towering skyscrapers hovered above the clouds over the city.

Though China’s state-run news agency attributed the floating buildings to “radiation fog,” the frequency of this occurrence in various climates suggests there is something else going on besides purely meteorological factors.

In 2015, another floating city was cited in China in a more rural location while yet another was sighted in California that same year.

However, the first “floating city” had appeared a few years in 2011 in a rural Nigerian village, where locals reported seeing a floating “interdimensional” city complete with moving cars in the streets and sounds that like those “you would hear at Ashaka cement factory,” according to several local observers.

In the Nigerian village, many attributed the city’s appearance as an act of God.

Mysterious Floating City Sightings Raise Concerns Over Secret Govt PsyOps Programs k
Another floating city appeared in California in 2015 Credit – YouTube

Though mainstream sources have written off the phenomenon as “natural”, many others have assumed that the US government is involved due to historic precedent as well as the existence of a controversial government project known as “Blue Beam.”

Since the 1990s, the US military has actively explored the possibility of using gigantic sky-borne holograms for large-scale PsyOps. For example, the Washington Post reported in 1999 that the US government had considered placing a holographic depiction of Allah over Iraq in order to destabilize Saddam Hussein’s regime during the first Gulf War.

That same report also detailed a secret program to project “large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air” for use in unspecified PsyOps at unspecified locations.

A few years after, military research also developed what is known as voice-to-skull (V2K) technology that uses a microwave auditory effect that can send wireless speech directly into people’s heads to subliminally or directly influence their behavior, which could be used in tandem with projection technology for deceptive purposes.

If the US military has the technology to accomplish such feats, it seems unlikely that they would develop such technology just to never use it.

Indeed, some proponents of the legitimacy of Project Blue Beam have argued that the US military, or rather the “deep state” that controls it, plans to use such holograms to deceive the global populace into accepting a one world religion and subsequently a one world government.

Though such accusations have yet to be confirmed, it is important to stay vigilant when the military has such deceptive and futuristic technology at their disposal, especially if that technology is apparently being tested on unwitting citizens in full, public view.

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