Meet the world’s first walking bike

A new way of moving: a fun and environmentally friendly way of transport

Lopifit Electric Walking BikeThe Dutch are big on bikes, now they’ve come up with the Lopifit – an outdoor treadmill rolled into an e-bike.

The Lopifit is a totally new way of moving. With the electric assist it takes no more effort to walk then “a walk in the park”.

The electric assist in combination with the gear is boosting your walking pace up to the speed of a regular bike.

When you are walking on the Lopifit, you push the treadmill backwards with your feet.

A sensor is registering the movement of the treadmill and gives a signal to an electronic device, which will activate the motor. The motor now supports you to continue the walking movement. Using the brake will shut off the motor immediately.

If you are going downhill, then a freewheel function is activated.

Meet the worlds first walking bike

Not only good for the environment yet a fun and healthy way of exercising.

The Lopifit is built from high quality components to ensure a pleasant and sustainable experience.

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1. How to start the Lopifit?

You just turn on the battery with a push on the button which you can find on the battery pack. If the display on the handlebar lights up you know you’ve done the job well.

2. How do you stop the Lopifit?

The Lopifit has two handbrakes. The brake on the right stops the wheels and the motor. The brake on the left stops the treadmill.

3. How many gears does the Lopifit have?

The Lopifit has 6 levels of suspension. With the display on the handlebar you can adjust the speed of the treadmill.

4. How does the Lopifit perform in the Hills?

Does it work uphill? And do you have to run if the bike goes downhill?
You can use the six gears to go uphill and it’s possible to stop just the treadmill while going down. You’ll be freewheeling down the mountain. Don’t forget to use the brakes!

5. Can you go backwards on the Lopifit?

Unfortunately you cannot perform a moonwalk with the Lopifit.

6. How does it perform on an open road?

The walking bike has a sturdy and balanced base. If there are little pebbles on the road it will just cruise along like a regular bike.

7. Will the Lopifit be slippery when it gets wet?

No it will not. The rubber of the treadmill has an anti-slip structure which prevents you from sliding off the bike.

8. Does my size matter for the Lopifit?

The walking part of the treadmill is 90 cm long. The bike is suited for all people. Children can only use the Lopifit with adult supervision.

9. Is it hard to make turns with the Lopifit?

The Lopifit has a bigger turning circle because of its size. But it doesn’t really make it harder to make turns. Just make sure you have enough space.

10. What is the maximum load capacity of the Lopifit?


11. How much does it cost?


Meet the worlds first walking bike

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