Marijuana Use Seen as the Lead Cause for 25% Decrease in Death Rate from Painkillers Overdose

Marijuana Use Seen as the Lead Cause for 25 Decrease in Death Rate from Painkillers OverdoseHave you taken a side on whether marijuana should be legal for medical use or not? If you are against it, then some recent news could make everyone reconsider their choice.

A study in the United States, which has been published in 2014 by the Journal of the American Medical Association, has proven that in the states where marijuana has been legalized for medical uses, the deaths related to overdose of prescribed painkillers have become 25% less.

The study, which has taken into consideration all deaths caused by opioid overdoses between 1999 and 2010, has stated that, during those years, in the 13 states that have legalized marijuana for medical use, the deaths caused by overdose of painkillers have decreased sensitively, up to 25%, as mentioned before.

The reason of this reduction, could be the fact lots of people are choosing marijuana as an alternative to painkillers, because they consider it to be a safer way to relief pain, considering the side effects of the medicines.

Also, marijuana has registered 0 deaths per year, while painkillers are considered as being the main cause of more than 14000 deaths annually. Verified medical results have been registered too, demonstrating that marijuana does indeed help ease pain and reduce the effects of some diseases.

Still, there are people that tend to deny the results of this study. For example, Dr. Andrew Kolodny, chief medical officer at Phoenix House, a nonprofit addiction treatment agency, is convinced that the results are only immediate, and will probably decay in time.

He stated that “You don’t have primary care doctors in these states [prescribing] marijuana instead of Vicodin”. As a matter of fact, marijuana is usually not prescribed as a substitute for painkillers, this probably because it was illegal since not long ago.

He also believes that the true reason behind this reduction could have been reached, thanks to the treatments and campaigns that have been made by the states that have legalized marijuana, against addictions. Those states, he believes, pay a lot more attention to preventing and curing addiction.

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