Man with ‘superhuman strength’ filmed pinning 2 cops to ground by their necks

The man manages to overpower a male and female officer in the disturbing incident caught on camera in North London.

This extraordinary video captures the moment a man fights off two police officers, pinning them both to the ground by their necks before fleeing.

The incident took place in Archway, North, London in the earlier hours of Sunday. The man was being spoken to by a male and female officer when he appears to suddenly try to escape. Both officers then begin to grapple with them man but he quickly overpowers both of them.

Let’s get real, it’s hardly superhuman strength, he takes on a male officer and gets him in a choke/sleeper hold until he is weak enough to not fight back and the female officer is clinging on to his leg and loses her bottle after the male officer is downed…

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