Kyrgyzstan Bans All GMO Products and GM Crops

Kyrgyzstan Bans All GMO Products, Plants, and Imports


Kyrgyzstan has gone the full length in opposing genetic modification of food, by banning the cultivation of GM crops, GM imports, and basically everything GM.

The Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan’s recent vote to ban all gmo products and gm crops is important. Why? It is estimated that 90% of all temperate fruit in the WORLD genetically comes from this region. With food forests dotting the mountainous countrysides of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, it is the Eden of the world, brandishing a diversity of ancient fruit genetics that is unparalleled by any other place on earth. Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are known as the birthplace of apples, where these genetics have been evolving for 4.5 million years.

The Kyrgyz Members of Parliament approved the third reading of the bill:

‘On the prohibition of cultivation, production, import and sale in Kyrgyzstan of products containing GMOs’.

Food grown within the borders of the country as well as food being imported will be checked for GMO, and all genetically modified food will be refused or destroyed. The Ministry of Economy mentioned that it would be difficult to police GMO products, but not impossible.

There is even going to be a lab built, to specifically test crops to see if they are GM or not.

To police for GMOs, there is reportedly to be a GMO testing laboratory built before 2015, where not only food coming from abroad, but also food grown in the country will be checked for GMO contamination. The Ministry of Economy noted that to prohibit the importation of GMO products on the ground will be difficult but possible.

GM wheat has mysteriously been found in US wheat exports, even though the GM wheat being tested never was even passed by the criminal FDA. That’s quite bad.

In various instances, GM crops have been found in allegedly organic exports, so it seems the people in this country are going to make absolute sure they don’t consume Monsanto’s hellish creations.

Good job, Kyrgyzstan!

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