Knowledge of Planet Earth Hidden in Australia – Curious Why?

Knowledge of Planet Earth HiddAlthough we might not know, in 1859 something hit the Earth. Wondering what?

Something so strong that ended up endangering our knowledge over the world.

Could We Archive Our Knowledge?

This is the answer.

Waves of solar plasma destroyed entire telegraph systems around the world. The Carrington event is the name these waves go by.

But what if this continues to happen? Researchers say that the knowledge we have today may be in danger.

Even the slightest electromagnetic waves from a solar storm

“Could render our electronic devices useless and wipe data stored in memory drives.”

Just to be sure that we don’t reach that point, the Memory of Mankind project began to surface.

The aim is to save every important document of humanity. Universities, academics and many more fields are now attempting to collect all the knowledge of our time.

How would they store it?  Mostly, they will place all the information on 8- inch ceramics plates. After that, they will store them in a salt mine in Australia.

“Each of these tablets can hold up to five million characters – about the same as a four-hundred-page book. They are acid- and alkali-resistant and can withstand temperatures of 1300C. A second type of tablet can carry colour pictures and diagrams along with 50,000 characters before being sealed with a transparent glaze.”

Researchers decided to store them this way based on old Sumerian clay tablets. Interestingly enough, they lasted over 5,000 years in the Iraqi Desert.

Future Plans

We have to make many sacrifices in order to help the future generations to better understand their ancestors.

“We are trying to create something that will not only be a collection of information for a distant future, but it will also be a gift for our grandchildren,” said Martin Kunze, developer of the project. “Memory of Mankind can serve as a backup of knowledge in case of an event like war, a pandemic or a meteorite that throws us back centuries within two or three generations. A society can lose skills and knowledge very quickly – in the 6th Century, Europe largely lost the ability to read and write within three generations.”

Along with technology, we also advanced. For good or bad, most of the knowledge we have is mainly found in digital format.

Whether we are discussing videos or scientific papers, each and every piece holds valuable information.

“In some distant future after our own civilisation has vanished, they could prove invaluable to any who find them. They could help resurrect forgotten knowledge for cultures less advanced than our own, or provide a wealth of historical information for more advanced civilisations to ensure our own achievements, and our mistakes, can be learned from.”

We are hoping for a better future. Overall the idea to pass on all this knowledge seems good. But, how are we to be sure that our future generations will discover the tables?

Future Generations are in Good Hands

Would it be easy for them to find and translate them? It would. Because every person who was a part of the project received a token with the map of the location.

Furthermore, they added the Rosetta Stone containing images and names.

Throughout this month, an important conference will take place to debate further issues regarding the storage of our knowledge. Everyone plays a significant role.

The history of human kind is in the hand of scientist, historians, philosophers and others. Is Earth’s information safe after all? Maybe ceramic disks are the answer.

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