Junk Food is Addicting and Killing People


Be very, very wary of anyone who has a story of getting thin from a fast food outlet, rather than preparing their own fresh food at home. Subway is a case in point. They have this guy Jared who says he lost hundreds of pounds from eating their food. Note that he went from doing no exercise to doing quite a bit of walking (10). I wonder how much? Subway had nothing to do with that.

It broke my heart to watch a young, very overweight 14-year-old girl say about Subway, in Super Size Me, after listening to a speech by Jared;

It’s kind of hard. I can’t afford to go there every single day and buy a sandwich two times a day. And that’s what he’s talking about. That’s the only solution….But I can’t do it.

The only solution? Telling people that eating a whole lot of baked wheat and meat will work for them? This is terrible. So many people have big guts from the many toxins in wheat, and whatever else they add to the bread that makes it so fluffy.

However, pictures of Jared in 2009 show the weight coming back on (11). That was no surprise to me, since he said he had caffeine and diet drinks, and anyone who lives off a diet of food that is not prepared at home will end up getting toxic, and therefore putting on weight, in the long run. (See my chapter “Health is like a bank account”).

Please, anytime you hear anyone saying that they lost weight from eating a particular brand of food, ask yourself how much money that person makes from telling you that.


It’s no wonder that, for the first time in history, children are getting obese,. When you watch Super Size Me you will see that schools now serve up cakes, chips, fries, Gatorade (which is toxic sugar plus other toxins), sugared drinks, candy bars and pizza. For many students, that’s all they eat. Fresh fruit cannot be seen, and even if healthy food is offered as an alternative, when children have been addicted to junk food, the changes are not going to happen by themselves.

Who profits from junk food? Super Size Me shows an example of one such company, Sodexho, which serves 400 school districts, as well as prisoners.

There is one public school in the USA where this is not the case. The Appleton Central High School, Wisconsin, used to have children who were out of control. Children even brought weapons to school. But in 1997. a private group called Natural Ovens installed a healthy lunch program. Fast-food burgers, fries, candy and sodas were replaced with fresh fruit and salads, baked rather than fried meat and whole grain bread and good drinking water arrived. The teachers saw a major change in the children.

As reported in a newsletter called Pure Facts, “Grades are up, truancy is no longer a problem, arguments are rare, and teachers are able to spend their time teaching.” And while they did not mention it, you can bet that these children are not going to have weight problems as serious as those where junk food is the norm.

Surprisingly, the cost is about the same. So why aren’t all schools doing this? Paul Stitt MS, Founder of Natural Ovens Bakery, explains:

There’s an awful lot of resistance from the junk food companies that are making huge profits off the school system at this time. They don’t want to be kicked out of the school system. They want to be there to addict the children for life.

What a great scam! Get taxpayers to pay for their companies to addict children to their cheap, toxic and fattening junk food, for the rest of the children’s lives! It sure beats advertising.

If only accurate muscle testing was taught in all schools. I have found that when I show children, especially small children, how junk food is weakening, rather than just ‘bad’ for them, they become very committed to not consuming that product any more. Some children like being bad, but no child wants to be weak. (Please see Chapter 12 on kinesiology and muscle testing, for more information).

The food industry is an enormous business in the United States. It therefore employs very well-paid lobbyists, who work with the government to make you eat more of their product. I strongly believe that one of the best ways to counteract the effects of the wrong messages we are being sent from big corporations and government, as well as from the addictive toxins in our food, is for each and every person to learn how to do accurate muscle testing of food. Even children as young as 12 years old or less can learn how to do this. Children as young as six years old can be muscle tested. When a person has experienced for themselves how just thinking of a toxic food makes their arms and legs go weak, their brain often finds the extra willpower that is needed to take personal responsibility, and to eat and drink only healthy food instead.

Remember, wild animals keep slim by eating the food that nature designed them to eat. That’s what you need to do. You are a herbivore. Eat plants. That is, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes, as unprocessed as possible. And also have as much raw food as possible. People need to learn new ways of shopping and preparing food. Please see my shopping list in this book. Learn how to prepare food by going to the Internet and searching for a vegan and/or raw recipe for the food you bought. The recipes in this book will give you a good place to start. And boycott the Food Mafia whenever you can.

By Stephanie Relfe | YoureNotFatYoureToxic

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