Junk Food is Addicting and Killing People

100,000 people in a town called Tecoma, in Victoria, Australia, are fighting a battle to keep McDonald’s away from their town, where McDonald’s wants one of its junkstores to be built near the school, naturally, because when you push food that addicts people like drugs do, you want to be where you can create customers for life. The people of the town have even taken the fight to Chicago. Their slogan is aptly named BurgerOff. Their website is burgeroff.org.

The evils of junk food are even worse than most people know.


Junk-FoodFast food is part of junk food, but it’s not the only source of it, because supermarkets are full of junk food. Since so many people know that junk food is fattening and unhealthy, one would think that all fast food outlets would have closed down by now. However, since so many people still give their money to junk food companies, and because junk food is a major cause of obesity, I thought I would include information on it, not because it’s high in calories, but because it is so toxic, in the hope that this will encourage you to never give them another dollar of your money, until they change their ways. Fast food does not have to be so toxic and fattening.

Why do people keep eating fast food when obviously everyone wants to be slim, so that they can look and feel great? Why do we have to have organizations like “Overeaters Anonymous” for people who believe, as they say on the website, “Our symptoms may vary, but we share a common bond: we are powerless over food and our lives are unmanageable (1).”

It’s because junk food works like drugs. That is, junk food is addictive. People who can’t control their eating are not addicted to food. It’s just that the particular foods that they eat are addictive. When these people make the switch to a diet made of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and legumes, with a few other foods such as organic eggs and millet bread, they will see their hunger and cravings go down.

Nature programmed us to want to get the most energy-dense foods. This was designed to help us to stay alive when food was scarce, so that we could pack maximum energy into a small stomach. Therefore, nature gave us pleasure-circuits in our brain that cause feelings of euphoria and excitement when we eat foods that have lots of energy in a small volume (2). The trouble is that now we can increase calorie density artificially, by processing and adding sugar and fats.

The junk food companies know this, but they don’t care, because it makes them rich. I like to think of them as a part of the Food Mafia. They are little more than drug pushers. To make matters worse, companies such as McDonald’s add emotional addiction to the chemical addiction. Why else do they continue to sell so-called “Happy meals” to children, and advertise on children’s programs, if not to addict people at a young age and keep them customers for life? Other methods used include free toys, selling toys in toy stores that are designed by them, and providing play centers.

Every time you think of McDonald’s, they want you to have feelings that are based on happy, fun times. Since most people don’t think about where their feelings come from, these people will have false urges to eat McDonald’s to relive those feelings, until they recognize and refuse those urges.

In the brilliant documentary Forks over Knives, Dr. Terry Mason MD, Commissioner of Health for the City of Chicago, tells us that unfortunately, it’s often poor people who eat fast food. This is particularly sad when you work out that fast food these days is expensive, especially if you work out how much actual nutrition you get dollar for dollar. Five dollars buys one fast food hamburger, or a large amount of nutritious lentils and carrots. Dr. Mason says that unfortunately poor people are poor in everything, not just money, but they are also poor in health and poor in their choices.

If you eat any junk food, or smoke cigarettes, realize that you are a slave to the multinational companies. They are living off your work and your body so that they can be rich. And, of course, they are killing you while they do it.

I was shocked with what I saw on a TV show run by a doctor, that was meant to be about health. This same doctor had done some good work previously telling people to avoid GMOs, and therefore to not eat any dairy that was not organic. But on this particular show, the doctor asked two other doctors to go and find a healthy fast food meal. (Is that possible?) Strangely, only three fast food outfits were chosen for this task; McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza and Subway. Nothing else was considered. I wonder if those companies paid for the privilege, just as most authors have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to appear on all the top talk shows?

The overweight heart surgeon picked chicken McNuggets. That was unbelievable! There are few things as toxic as McDonald’s chicken McNuggets. First of all, there is little chicken in them. They are 56% corn, mostly GMO corn (3), and the chickens are also fed GMOs and other toxic stuff, including their own manure. Then the McNuggets are super heated in toxic oils, so that they are full of trans fats and AGEs. Worst of all, there are a massive total of 38 ingredients, including tertiary butylhydroquinone, a lighter fluid (4). Are chicken McNuggets really food?

Moral of this story: Keep an eye on who is benefiting financially when watching any so-called ‘health show’.

The other doctor chose pizza with pepperoni. Pepperoni is embalmed meat. And this piece came just after a part where the doctor had restaurant insiders admit that pizzas have sugar added to them.

If you ever eat any fast food at all, please watch the fabulous movie Super Size Me. While it’s mostly about McDonald’s, many of the lessons learned in this movie apply to all fast food outlets. Even if you have seen this documentary, you may have missed some of the more important points, as I did on first viewing the movie. So I will outline some of them here.

In the documentary Morgan Spurlock, writer and director, begins with a court case where two overweight girls, one 14 years old, 4’10” and 170 lb and the other 19 years old, 5’6” and 270 lb, sued McDonald’s in 2002, for making them fat. The girls ended up losing the court case. But, just in case something like this happened again, in 2004 congress passed the ‘cheeseburger bill’ which made it illegal for people to sue food companies for making them obese. You see, Congress currently works to protect corporations, not you.

The judge said the lawsuit was “frivolous” because “the dangers of eating its food is universally known.” Yet, despite this, McDonald’s has 30,000 outlets in over 100 countries. 46 million people are served daily, even in hospitals! No wonder obesity is global.

The judge further said that if the plaintiffs could show that McDonald’s intend for people to eat McDonald’s every meal of every day, and that doing so would be reasonably dangerous, they may be able to state a claim.

So Morgan decided to go on a diet of nothing but McDonald’s food and drink, three times a day, for one month. During the month, he ate everything on the menu. In addition, since most Americans don’t get any exercise, he got very little exercise as well. This was ground breaking research because it was being done on a real human in a real-life situation, not just a few rats in a lab. And the research was independent of any large organization that might interfere with the conclusions. Morgan definitely showed that, for him, it was very dangerous.

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