John Lennon: Our society is run by insane people!

John Lennon - Our society is run by insane people

“I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. And I think that’s what I sussed when I was sixteen and twelve, way down the line.

But I expressed it differently all through my life. It’s the same thing I’m expressing all the time.

But now I can put it into that sentence that I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends, you know.

If anybody can put on paper what our government, and the American government, and the Russian, Chinese… what they are actually trying to do, and how and what they think they’re doing, I’d be very pleased to know what they think they’re doing.

I think they’re all insane. But I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that, you know.

That’s what is insane about it.” — John Lennon Interview 6/6/1968

You can watch an extended version of the interview below. Apologies in advance for the poor sound quality.

John Lennon Interview: Release 6/6/1968

In 1968, John Lennon expressed an interest in overseeing the production of a movie based on his first two books, ‘In His Own Write’ and ‘A Spaniard In The Works.’

While a film of his books was never made, a play was produced. Victor Spinetti directed the play adaptation, entitled ‘In His Own Write.’ The play opened June 18th 1968 at the Old Vic Theatre in London.

A book of the screenplay written by Adrienne Kennedy and Victor Spinetti based on John’s characters was also published in 1968.

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On June 6th 1968, Peter Lewis chatted with Lennon and Spinetti about the new play. The filmed interview would air on BBC-2 as part of the arts program ‘Release.’

John discusses the impetus for his short-story writing as an early expression of his lifelong attitudes, and describes the meaning behind a few of the characters and concepts in the books and play.

During the discussion, Lennon mentions ‘Beanos,’ referring to the popular, long-running comic book in Britain. The Beano was first published in 1938, and still continues as a popular magazine today.

Victor Spinetti is famous for his acting roles in the Beatles’ first two motion pictures, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Help!’ as well as their made-for-TV film ‘Magical Mystery Tour.’

In the Sixties, the Old Vic Theatre was the home of the National Theatre Company, who have since found a permanent home at the Royal National Theatre in Lambeth.

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These days, the Old Vic Theatre is well looked after — with Kevin Spacey as the artistic director, Lord Attenborough on the Trust Board, and Sir Elton John as Chairman of the Board.

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