ISIS Shows off American-Made Weapons (VIDEO)


ISIS Shows off American 3The conflict that has been consuming the Middle East, most specifically in Iraq and Syria, where the “Islamic State” (ISIS) is battling and defeating the forces of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran, is said to be the result of a logistical network stemming from black market oil and ransom payments.

Now known as the world’s most infamous terror group, they continue to gruesomely torment and murder so many innocent people.

But one of the biggest concerns as to how this group has been able to sustain such power is where they get their arms from.

The answer has, time and time again, revealed itself to be from units defecting from the Free Syrian Army, as well as other rebel group aligned with the United States in an attempt to follow through with a plant to oust Bashar al-Assad.

The following propaganda video is another shocking revelation regarding the terror group, as it showcases its massive arsenal of tanks and heavy artillery.

The tanks and Toyota trucks are shown cruising by in high spirits as a means for recruiting radical Islamic youth to the cause. The arms ISIS is proudly showing off happen to be American-made weapons.

As for where the terror group obtained all of these Western weapons, it seems apparent that they gathered them as a result of their previous military victories in Northern Iraq, specifically Mosul, where caliphate forces overwhelmed the Iraqi army and recovered massive amounts of military belongings.

But prior to this, the weapons were coming from elsewhere. They had to be, or else it would only make sense that if the resources were available in Syria and Iraq, then Syrian and Iraqi forces would also posses an equal, if not superior, fighting capacity.

As Logistics 101 Research reported:

“ISIS’ supply lines run precisely where Syrian and Iraqi air power cannot go. To the north and into NATO-member Turkey, and to the southwest into US allies Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Beyond these borders exists a logistical network that spans a region including both Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Terrorists and weapons left over from NATO’s intervention in Libya in 2011 were promptly sent to Turkey and then onto Syria – coordinated by US State Department officials and intelligence agencies in Benghazi – a terrorist hotbed for decades.”

It was also reported in 2013 by the London Telegraph that a CIA team had teamed up with an annex to provide missiles from Libyan armed forces to Syrian revels. And the New York Times reported that same year that the CIA had worked to get arms airlifted to Syrian rebels.

It’s interesting to consider that Western sources call ISIS “rebels” or “moderates,” and yet if billions of dollars in weapons were actually being given to moderates, it would be them, not ISIS taking over the battlefield. The reality is that the US Department of Defense hasn’t just allowed, but welcomed the existence and power of ISIS.

Antimedia notes:

“Prior to the capture of Mosul, the groups, which eventually became ISIS, were receiving weapons from U.S. allies in the region — including Saudi Arabia and Turkey — in an attempt to use Islamist fighters to overthrow the Russian-backed Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad. The weapons these Sunni states were supplying to ISIS, then in its infancy, were being sold by the West to the Gulf countries. The largest seller was the Unites States, followed by the United Kingdom — two countries that are now bombing ISIS. Sound confusing? That’s because it is.”

These findings are nothing short of troubling. The reality is that the West’s fight against ISIS is really against rebels who are using the West’s very own weapons.


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