Is this really video of a UFO crashing ?

Is this really video of a UFO crashing into a Mexican volcano…or just a load of hot air?

A video currently making the rounds on the web appears to show an unidentified flying object diving headlong into the smoldering caldera of a Mexican volcano.

Popocatepetl, an active volcano in the Puebla state of southern Mexico, was being recorded by media company.

Televisa the evening of May 30 when a light-emitting and fast-flying object appeared to make a quick left turn in order to fly directly into the top of the erupting mountain.

Hot air? Footage taken May 30 of an active Mexican volcano appears to show an unidentified, rapidly flying object fly directly into the smoldering caldera

And this isn’t the first time video footage has shown suspicious activity near Popocatepetl.

In November, footage—also from Televisa—showed a cigar shaped object appear to take a nose dive directly into the 18,000 foot volcano 40 miles south of Mexico city.


The latest video appears to be something a lot more aircraft-like, however. The object seems to make a conscious decision to quickly slow down and plunge into the smoky-filled hole.

The Huffington Post reached out to a U.S. government contractor who also runs a UFO website to get his take on the May 30 footage.

Maneuverable: The brightly lit object starts from far off, but veers quickly, and perhaps even purposefully into the fiery depths after slowly down in a blink of an eye

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