The internal contradictions of capital accumulation

A rigged Economy

The internal contradictions of capital accumulation
The internal contradictions of capital accumulation

The wide spread poverty and economic crisis is not the natural consequence of the work of incompetent politicians and bankers. The economic system that is put in place is specifically designed to concentrate all the resources in the hands of a very small fraction of society. We live in a world where the richest 1% control 40% of the world’s assets.

This extreme inequality is being maintained by fear propaganda and endless wars created and sponsored by corporate interests. The political system in all modern democracies betrayed the people that it’s supposed to work for by bailing out with public money most of the major financial institutions who already stole money from the people and created intentionally the whole crisis.

The positive thing is that the situation has become so absurd that it becomes very clear to many people that we’re being part of a huge scam. From the youngest age we learn that capitalism is the best natural economic system that humans can come up with. We hear that repeatedly at school, university, on all the media and any idea that doesn’t fit in this paradigm of hierarchical oppression is stigmatized as a threat to personal liberty. Fortunately many scientists, economists and ordinary people start to think outside the box and come up with modern solutions that if implemented could improve the life of every living being on this planet. The door to a sustainable future is opened, are we ready to go in?
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