Indigenous Populations Of Alaska And Hawaii Demand Their Land Back


Indigenous populations of Alaska and Hawaii are seeking United Nations intervention in reclaiming the territories that they say were taken from them by the US government.

It is fairly obvious that they are entitled to the land, as are the indigenous populations of the Americas, but this is surely not a task that can be entrusted to the United Nations.

The group that is seeking this retribution has been formally working towards the goal of independence since 2010.

“Our culture is being suppressed. But US actions target not only our culture, but also world peace, because it has a military base in Pearl Harbor.

They pollute our land and water during exercises. People get sick because of it. It’s an affront to our land and our people. We don’t want to be part of a war machine,” Leon Siu, one of the group’s representatives said.

“They take our land and mine mineral resources in large amounts damaging our environment. It will be 150 years since the sale of Alaska by Russia to the US in 2017.

If we could work with the Russians to present the historical truth and reject the distorted concepts about Alaska and our peoples, I believe it could be a good way to amend the situation,” he added.

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The entire continent of America was stolen, but in places like Alaska and Hawaii, the takeover was so recently that the native culture is still very strong in these areas, and the memory of colonization is still very clear.

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