A Huge New Crater Is Found In Siberia

Siberian crater is just one of many mysterious holes around the world, And The Theories Fly

Who or what caused this crater?

All of sudden, this hole in the earth appeared, baffling scientists everywhere. No one still can quite explain it.

The crater is filled with ice by about eighty per cent. Pictures: Marya Zulinova, press service of the Governor YaNAO

A new-found cavernous crater has been spotted in a remote region of Siberia that has left experts scratching their heads and the internet abuzz with speculation as to its origin.

Video shot from a helicopter flying over Russia’s Yamal Peninsula – a place so remote that locals call it the ‘End of the World’ – shows what looks like a deep, gigantic hole measuring 80 metres across with debris piled up around its rim.

The list of possible natural explanations for the giant hole includes a meteorite strike and a gas explosion, or possibly an eruption of underground ice.

The hole is in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous, some 30 kilometres from the Bovanenkovo gas field.

The crater is in an area that “is one of the most geologically young places on Earth,” | “It also happens to be extremely rich in gas. In fact, it contains the in all of Russia. … In places with such large concentrations of gas, it’s not unusual for underground explosions to rocket off. They occur only when under-soil ice melts and releases a substantial amount of gas.

Marina Leibman,Senior Researcher at the Earth’s Cryosphere Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said:

About the future of the crater – its walls are constantly thawing, water is gathering up and I suspect that it gets frozen at the bottom of the crater. If the water stream intensifies – for example because of the hot second part of July – then it won’t have enough time to freeze. This will likely lead to a formation of a new lake.

Weird holes in the ground are nothing new. For some reason, we humans have always been fascinated and drawn to the mysteries of gaping geological voids found around the world.

A sinkhole covers a street intersection in downtown Guatemala City.

Sinkholes have made the headlines in recent years, but a whopper appeared in a Guatemala City back in February 2007 that swallowed not just one house, but an entire neighborhood, killing three people and causing 1000 to evacuate. This subterranean monster reached more than 100 meters deep – enough to bury the Statue of Liberty twice over.

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