HISTORY OF SECRET SOCIETIES: Knights Templar, Assassins, Freemasons


The dark forces of secret societies have permeated our history since the beginning of time.

Each branch of evil, having its own purpose and utilizing all of the talent, money, and power they achieve.

The main areas of these conquests are the economy, religion, education, and politics.

These societies usually practice odd rituals and sometimes overly perverted ones, all to sanctify their commitment to the society. They run our financial institutions, our churches, our schools.

It seems their reach is never ending, when you’ve been marked an enemy and we’ve seen many who have tried expose these forces lose their lives, in the process.

The video below goes through the dark and shrouded history of these demonic forces and exposes their true history and agendas.

Were the Illuminati behind the former Soviet Union and their secret service KGB?

This documentary has put forward some very interesting proof to suggest that that was the case. Was the Vatican on it as well?


See also: “Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy”

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