Germany Calls For A Ban On Combustion Engines By 2030

Ban On Combustion Engines By 2030As diesel sales continue to drop across Europe (dropping 5% in Germany, 5.8% in France, 5.5% in Belgium and Luxembourg, and 12.9 percent in the Netherlands in just the month of August, alone), it is becoming more apparent that the entire continent is moving toward another option.

Electric cars have made such an incredible resurgence in the last two years, that the entire industry is feeling it. In truth, however, the rise of the electric car is not enough to change the industry on its own.

This is why the German government is going out of its way to stop the production of combustion engines in addition to supporting the electrics.

The country signed a cross-party resolution to encourage the EU Commission in Brussels to make sure only zero-emission vehicles will be sold by 2030.

They won’t be coming to get your car.  If you have a combustion engine when the time comes, you can keep it.

You just won’t be able to buy another one. Of course, knowing this had forced automobile makers to shift their attention to what’s coming.

“If the Paris agreement to curb climate-warming emissions is to be taken seriously, no new combustion engine cars should be allowed on roads after 2030,” said Greens party lawmaker Oliver Krischer to Der Spiegel.

Electric and other zero-emission vehicles have incredible potential to revitalize and revolutionize the entire way we travel.  As we charge our vehicles on the road, we may never have to stop for fuel again.


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