Fukushima – One Hell of a Mirror for Humanity

Have you wondered why news about the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant is eerily sparse?

fukushima-2Recently the Russian Federation has raised reporting about Fukushima to its highest classification, meaning that if the truth was released, it could damage the foundation of the federation itself. And in America, according to insiders, main stream media are being instructed not to report either, because of their fear of panic. So what exactly is going on? I just came across this video I think all should see. I can feel the impact of this event affecting the entire planet in due course. The synchronistic significance cannot be overstated. We need to pay attention and realise what global events here have kicked into play…

One hell of a Mirror

If you look back through history, with an inquiring consciousness, you’ll see that whenever any situation gets out of balance with the natural harmony of life, then life itself finds a way of ‘leveling the playing field’ once more. And the more out of alignment, the stronger the corrective energies you build. Just like a nuclear chain reaction, it is simple physics.

Gaia has spoken to us in no uncertain terms. The foundation stones upon which society is founded, like the production and consumption of energy for example, is so utterly disharmonious, as to be unthinkable to a truly sentient being. Einstein himself is quoted as saying “nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water!”

And Fukushima is ‘one hell of a mirror’ for humanity. I believe history will look back and record it as the ‘activation switch’ that signaled the commencement of the cleansing process which will ultimately sweep imbalance from the Earth, such are the powers and energies that are now being unleashed.

There is no fear in a fully self realised being

I share this information not to spread fear. You cannot propagate fear where it does not already exist. So if fear arises in you when you watch this video, then it’s a powerful invitation to work to unravel those fears and thereby consider it a catalyst for your further evolution – your Ascension…

Five Gateways perfect timing

Every now and then, a major global event signals a powerful message to us all. Like the sinking of the Titanic by an Iceberg in the early days of the industrial revolution – it’s such ‘coincidences’ that are the synchronistic mother tongue of the universe.

When the Fukushima Tsunami struck in March 2011, it did so exactly at the time we released our Five Gateways film. In fact it was due for release on that very day. From a synchronistic mirroring point of view, the timing was perfect. Five Gateways marks the journey of Ascension that we’re all now being invited to take.

Ascension is the key now for humanity. It is our destiny, should we chose it. There will be no ‘fixing of the earth’, the cleansing process that has now begun IS the fixing. Gaia will reclaim herself and heal over a period of perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. But she’ll need some ‘down time’ to do that!

We need to let the weight and fear of our physical existence fall from our shoulders. This can only be done by confronting the external truth, but then exploring deeply within. We need to release any restrictive grasp on life, that we may expand beyond limited horizons. Five Gateways signals the evolutionary path I believe we’re all now being invited to take. That’s why we made this colourful and informative documentary to share freely with those who might be interested…Five Gateways

Source | WakingTimes

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