Former Cop Tries Cannabis as Last Resort to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

Former Cop Tries Cannabis as Last Resort 1Who ever said forces of the law don’t go dark? One former cop managed to prove the opposite by turning towards cannabis consumption. But how true is the story?

Former Cop Gone Rogue?

But according to research it can be beneficial for our health. One former cop named Larry Smith posted videos on the internet to try and change people’s minds.

What was he trying to do? Mostly, to inform the population of the real benefits of the plant.

Unfortunately, twenty years ago in 2011 the police officer was diagnosed with a debilitating neurological disease.

For this reason, filmmakers began to show interest in his life experience.

As a result, the film called Ride with Larry was released.

Based on their Facebook page, the movie

“seeks to enlighten audiences to the human cost of Parkinson’s disease while providing insights into the tangible benefits of an active lifestyle, particularly through recumbent cycling.”

In order to help the present situation of his health, it seems Larry became a frequent user of medicinal marijuana. One video on Facebook also shows how the former cop traveled to California with the goal to obtain his license.

Here is just one of his many statements regarding his health:

My symptoms are a great deal more obvious than ever before, and the pain is a little sharper.

His wife Elizabeth is also worried about his state:

Larry’s at the point where he’s having so much trouble walking, now he takes twenty pills a day.

During his trip to California, San Diego both Larry and his wife made it possible to visit a medical marijuana doctor. Why there? Because South Dakota, the place where he lives don’t benefit from a marijuana program.

These are not the days of Reefer Madness. Yet I and millions of other people can’t have it without facing serious jail time.”

Pills or Marijuana?

But the suffering was too much for Larry. In the second part of the video, we receive some new information.

In order to ease his pain, the former cop used his prescription and bought $40 worth of plants.

His wife admitted that her husband’s pills contributed even more to his illness. Not only that, she stated that they have spent around $3000 on them. Quite a difference between the two products, don’t you think?

Then comes the 3rd part. Here is where Larry meets with another patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Why? To give Larry cannabis oil to put under his tongue. The relief that comes after using it is almost astounding.

With a few drops of cannabis oil under his tongue, Larry’s severe dyskinesia (uncontrolled movements), loss of voice, and tremors are calmed within in minutes! We didn’t even edit the footage because the results were so startling.”

The video showing Larry using the drops leaves no space for interpretations. Only a few minutes later after using the drops his entire body movement changed.

I think you’ve calmed down,” is what his friend had to say.

So quickly. My voice is coming back.

Even his wife Elizabeth easily observed how after using the treatment his hands became “rock steady”.

As a sign of happiness and fulfillment, Larry began to imitate the heavenly choir.

Did you guys eat lunch?” he asks the others in the room. “You hungry now?” his friend with Parkinson’s inquires. “Funny, I am,” he replies.

By the end of the video, things are pretty clear. Larry now knows the use of marijuana is detrimental to his health.

A person like me could really use marijuana. And it makes me pretty angry that I can’t get it in my home state.”

Marijuana Accepted by Medical Staff

One expert from academy also shared his views. Professor of Pharmacology at UC Irvine’s medical school, Daniele Piomelli reveals after the release of the 3rd part:

The number one frustration that I have is knowing that there is this untapped potential — that comes from what marijuana is teaching us — to generate new medicines, and being stuck because of financial issues or political issues. That is extremely frustrating.”

Is cannabis really beneficial for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease?

We know from animal experiments that the endogenous cannabinoid system is very important [in] regulating motor activity, the very type of activity that is impaired in Parkinson’s disease. From animal experiments, we also know that boosting certain branches of the endocannabinoid system is helpful in relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s. Finally, from anecdotal information, we know that certain patients who smoke marijuana experience relief [from] their symptoms.”

A study conducted in 2014 in the Clinical Neuropharmacology, proved that such patients who relied on cannabis observed “significant improvement of sleep and pain scores”.

Research pulled to surface how “no significant adverse effects of the drug were observed”.

Then a study which came out in the Journal of Psychopharmacology talks about cannabidiol or CBD.

What was it? No other than a endocannabinoid which was used for “improving quality of life measures in PD patients with no psychiatric comorbidities.

But we are still questioning the effectiveness of the plant. What Larry and his experience did was to provide other people like him with hope for a better life.

The War Continues To Rage On

Cannabis is slowly starting to become available in many states. Even so, there are still people who cannot access the treatment. Elizabeth mentions:

I do not like the idea of breaking federal law. Even though the state law in California is very clear that it’s permissible, I’m still uncomfortable. But, you know, if this is the only thing — and as far as I know we’ve tried everything, and this is the only thing that’s left…we are going to give it a go and see how it goes.”

The way she saw her husband after administrating the cannabis, made her hopeful.

We now know that medical marijuana controls dyskinesia, and yet it’s not available to us.”

Yet, if we are aware of the many benefits cannabis has over these conditions, how come not everybody accepts it yet?

Larry still continues to research the plant and its effects. Not only him, but so many other people are sharing their experiences and how the plant managed to give them better control over their bodies.

How much longer will the war against cannabis continue?

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