Fearless kids and their extreme journeys to school

These Fearless Kids Won’t Let Anything Stop Them From Getting to School

What’s back to school like around the globe?

This is a selection of their images giving insight into the lives of students in various countries. Kids all around the world are heading back to school, but not all of their journeys are easy.

Instead of the school bus stopping on their streets, some students are forced to take dangerous and unusual paths to their education.

From swimming to school to walking tightropes, these brave kids not only remind us to be grateful for that always-early yellow bus, but they also teach us that knowledge is priceless.

Flip through pictures of children going back to school and their extreme journeys.

Children fly to school on a steel cable 1,300 feet above the Rio Negro River, Colombia. Photos | Amusing Planet
Colombian indigenous child from the Nasa ethnic group Gari Camayo Pito, 12, (2nd-L) and his sister (R) meet two cousins on their way to school in the village of Las Guacas, rural area of Florida, Valle del Cauca department, Colombia, on June 21. (Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images)
These kids travel 5 hours into the mountains on a 1 foot-wide path in Gulu, China.

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Students hike through the forest across a tree root bridge, India.
Elementary school students cross a river on tire tubes, Rizal Province, Philippines.
Kids walk on a tightrope 30 feet above a river in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Canoeing to school in Riau, Indonesia.
Students cross a damaged suspension bridge in Lebak, Indonesia.
Students travel to their boarding school through the Himalayas.
School Kids climb on unsecured wooden ladders in Zhang Jiawan Village, China.

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