Extraterrestrial Life May Live at the Core of the Moon

Would it be silly to believe that all this time the moon has been artificial? Let’s find out.

Extraterrestrial Life May Live at the Core of the MoonBased on recent expeditions that took place on the moon, astronauts did manage to bring back with them significant amounts of data. But, despite this breakthrough, mankind is still unable to decipher the mysteries surrounding our natural satellite.

Being referred to as “the Rosetta stone of the planets”, the Moon, according to NASA’s Lunar Exploration Committee chairman Dr. Robert Jastrow and many other scientists, its diverse composition is fundamental for offering a better understanding of our own planet and the ways in which the entire solar system came into existence.

Unfortunately, the Moon itself “is more complicated than anyone expected; it is not simply a kind of billiard ball frozen in space and time, as many scientists had believed”, but rather much more than that.

This subject continues to be delicate even today; it remains an enigma.

Despite the variety of questions addressed on the topic, UFOlogist, unlike everyone else who tends to believe that the Moon is a natural satellite, reached the mind-blowing assumption that this “world is completely normal except the person you live next door to, […] has three heads and lives on a diet of broken razor blades”. The Moon, as researchers portray it, is more than it meets the eye. This satellite is no less than a secret base used by a more advanced civilization to document themselves on our species.

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Because the Moon is considered a station or better yet a watchtower, some people tend to believe that aliens are not interested in our society, but instead just want to control us, and know if mankind will decide or learn how to travel through space.

Leaving aside its overall image, theorists think that the Moon “is not only extremely odd in its construction”. Seems like its body, which easily measures more than 3 miles thick from the surface, is mainly covered by a hard, rocky layer. Due to its durable chemical components, it is more likely to resist impacts coming from comets or asteroids.

Robin Brett researcher at NASA writes:

“It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the Moon than its existence.”

Check out these unusual facts that could change your perception on how the Moon was built from nothing.

1969 was the year when the U.S started their many experiments of testing the surface of the Moon. For researchers to gain closer perspective, building a module and crashing it into the Moon for the sole purpose of observing the after-effects was seen as a beneficial idea. The following data obtained revealed that the power received on impact was estimated to be that of one thousand Kilograms of TNT.

Hence the controlled crash, researchers over-served that the shock generated a variety of waves. Amazingly as it may appear, the Moon gave off a distinct sound, more precisely that of a very large bell. It took more than half an hour for the sound to come to an end.
According to the supervisor of the experiment Ken Johnson, the Moon “wobbled” (produced vibrations) in a balanced way “almost as though it had gigantic hydraulic damper struts inside it”.

Moreover, an article published in the Sputnik magazine during the 1970’s by Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov called “Is the Moon the creation of Alien Intelligence?” sheds further light on many of the theories already proposed.

Within the article, both researchers attempt to ask genuine questions and uncover known facts that are impossible to explain through logical explanations. Based on their theory, the Moon is likely a creation of alien intelligence.

Apparently, the side of the Moon reached by scientists does contain minerals and is mostly made out of unusual solid materials. Moon dust at the same time, scientists have discovered also consists of other strong metals such as titanium, chromium, and even zirconium.

While we may tend to believe that the Moon’s placement is not important, evidence brought back from its surface containing forged metal material, clearly, demonstrates that it is impossible for the Moon to have formed itself on its own.

Samples of Uranium which our science has never been able to obtain through natural means were also discovered by researchers.

Among other interesting elements found in the Moon’s composition, we can also mention particles of radioactive metals which are usually used to produce Plutonium. All these are signals which lead us to believe that the Moon is not really as abandoned as we may think.

First believing the idea that it is an artificial object, so then after that, it may be hollow, it is common knowledge that the moon does not possess a hard nucleus similar to other planets or any natural satellites.

Being different from all planets across the universe, one more fact states that the Moon is older than over 4 and a half billion years, thus surpassing the timeline of our own planet with almost 1 billion years.

The Moon has always been different than the rest of the satellites both in image and composition. Generally described as a perfect round orbit, it’s easy to observe how one side of the Moon, no matter where you look at it from, is always invisible.

Harold Urey, Nobel prize for chemistry, declared himself confused by the presence of titanium, a very rare and expensive metal on earth. Titanium is usually used for the development of more advanced technology and has been discovered in large quantities in the lunar soil.

Extraterrestrial Life May Live at the Core of the Moon 1With every passing day, questions regarding this issue continue to appear. Unfortunately to us, at this point, science is unable to offer us the right answers to these mysteries.

Because the amount of information is kept hidden from the general public and because only a few percentage of people are involved in this research, the investigation will continue to be as overwhelming and difficult as always.

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