Extraordinary cases of Extraterrestrial contact

Beyond Top Secret – Extraterrestrial contact

Having conducted worldwide research, interviewed key witnesses and discussed the subject with astronauts, military and intelligence specialists, pilots, politicians and scientists, Timothy Good has established himself as a leading authority on government involvement with extraterrestrial related phenomena – the most highly classified subject on Earth. He is easily one of the most prolific researchers and authors in the field. He has amassed a wealth of evidence, including several thousand declassified documents.

In this lecture, researcher Timothy Good chronicles the incredible stories of credible men, extraordinary cases of extraterrestrial contact. Each of these men appear to have been involved in some way with the ET phenomenon.

The first man Timothy Good talks about is a doctor, now deceased, called John H. Altshuler. In September, 1967, Dr. Altshuler was asked to examine the remains of a three year old horse at a ranch near Alamosa, Colorado, which had been severely mutilated. Suffice to say that Altshuler found the remains of this horse inexplicable and deeply disturbing. This marked the beginning of his investigation into the phenomenon known as animal mutilations. Altshuler was an active member of  the Flying Physicians Association, for 31 years he used private aviation to bring state of the art medicine to rural Colorado and New Mexico. Altshuler commuted to various small communities in southern Colorado and New Mexico providing “big city” medicine to towns as small as 6,000.

The late Sir Peter Horsley, who was an Air Marshal in the Royal Air Force, is the second man that Timothy Good speaks about. Sir Horsley claimed to have had a face-to-face encounter with a human-looking ET in central London. What Horsley said alarmed him about this encounter was that this ET could apparently read his mind and knew all of Britain’s nuclear secrets. Horsley served briefly in the Home Guard before joining the RAF where he quickly became an instructor at RAF Cranwell. Soon afterwards he was transferred to the Mosquito Conversion Unit at Greenwood, New Brunswick. He then joined 21 Squadron, flying Mosquitoes on night fighter intruder missions over Nazi Germany. After D-Day he was shot down over the English Channel near Cherbourg and was picked up by an Air-Sea Rescue launch after three days.

The third case Timothy Good deals with is that of a Brazilian meteorologist by the name of Rubens J. Villela. On March 16, 1961, whilst he was onboard a U.S Navy icebreaker in Antarctica called USS Glacier as part of Operation Deepfreeze, Villela along with the rest of the crew on deck at the time, reportedly watched as a strange, tear-shaped luminous object flew silently across the sky before suddenly disappearing. Villela made this statement regarding the sighting:

“I believe it was much too slow for a meteor, also its appearance was ‘out of this world.’ I can think of nothing on earth which would reproduce the phenomenon.”

This was only the start of a series of increasingly mind-blowing experiences Villela had involving apparently Extraterresrial phenomenon. As far as I know, Villela is still a professor at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

Enrique C. Rincón, a professional electrical and communications engineer, is the forth man Timothy Good includes in his talk. In March, 1963, Rincón and two of his colleages were working to help establish an obervation post near the crater of Volcano Irazú (which had begun erupting) to keep track of the lava movements. Soon after they started working, they noticed two large objects silently approach the volcano. They were surprised by the way these objects flew, skimming the jagged peaks, performing maneuvers far beyond the capabilities of commercial or military aircraft. The objects, described as “vehicles”, were said to of been roughly 150 feet wide and 40 feet high. They later calculated that the sighting lasted a total of 7 minutes. According to Rincón, after this initial encounter he had extensive contact with human-looking ETs…

By Solas Foinse | Staff Writer

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