Ending Slavery in Africa – Martial Arts Fighter Joins the Battle

Ending Slavery in Africa - Martial Arts 1They may not have capes or superpowers, but be sure heroes are out there. Without us even realizing, they are all around us. This is the story of just one of the people fighting to create a better world where slavery is no longer an issue.

28-year-old martial arts fighter Justin Wren paused his own life goals in order to make a difference. Because of this, he is now a hero.

Saving The Day From Slavery

As many may not know, slavery continues to surround a great part of the world. It appears that someone still continues to practice it.

Still taking place among different social classes within a society, the Congo citizens are just one of the communities which continue to be exposed to slavery.

The members of the Pygmy population always endured rough circumstances. Not only are their lives in debt to other groups, but at the same time, their earnings are not remotely close to the real wages deserved.

After arriving in Congo, Justin was shocked to discover how the Pygmy Africans were perceived. Mere objects for other Africans, the Pygmy people have been treated no less than animals.

Closely observing their way of life and style Justin could not help himself from giving a hand. Only seeing them as a gentle and loving kid, he set out to save them from slavery.

Ending Slavery in Africa - Martial Arts

Knowing the risks that would come by fighting, Justin struggled to find another way. The solution was clear. At this point, negotiations over the Pygmy’s people freedom seemed to be the best solution.

Justin has found a way to solve not only the slavery problem but also to help with the place’s major problem: water. He offered to provide equipment and the installation of brand new water wells.

Since water is so hard to find there, and since it’s considered such a precious element, the slave owners were even willing to free slaves in exchange for the new wells.

The Fight For Freedom

We may not see it as being such an important issue, but maybe, after seeing this video, things will become clearer.

Even now, after returning from Congo, Justin Wren continues to fight for the cause. Freeing the Pygmy community from slavery has immediately become known on U.S. ground as well. The creation of his charity organization Fight For Freedom also proved efficient.

After five years he returned to the ring again. By going on against Josh Burns and winning, Justin had already raised more than his kick-starter campaign did.

Ending Slavery in Africa - Martial Arts 2After saving himself from a life of drugs and depression, Justin Wren achieved his goal in life. Within a Joe Rogan Experience invite, he spoke of all the journeys took to Africa and what he realized.

Helping the Pygmy people  and saving them from slavery is indeed noteworthy.

What is happening to the world? Why are there so few people that care? Unfortunately it’s true. We no longer seem to bother with helping others. And there are not many heroes out there which can make a change.

Slavery must end, once and for all. People like Justin Wren are what this world needs. It needs fighters. Are you one of them?

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