Eight New Planets Found in “Goldilocks” Zone

Eight New Planets Found in Goldilocks Zone

Aliens Might Call These Eight Earth-Like Planets Home

Not just one, but eight new planets have been discovered by scientists that may host alien life. Two of these eight are the most similar to Earth scientists have ever found.

All eight of the planets are orbiting stars in the “Goldilocks zone” in what’s called the “habitable zone.” This means that the planets are in just the right temperature to keep water in a liquid state, enabling them to support life.

The crew of scientists who made this most awesome discovery said that the planets are all about half the size of Earth and are likely rocky like our home planet.

Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b are the two planets they found that are the most like Earth. They both orbit red dwarf suns that are smaller and cooler than ours. Kepler-438b is 470 light-years from Earth and circles its star every 35 days. Its neighbor, Kepler-442b, completes one orbit every 112 days and is 1,100 light-years away.

What makes these two highly probable hosts of life? The scientists say that to be in the “habitable zone” a planet has to get as much sun as Earth. Kepler-438b gets 40 percent more than us while Kepler-442b gets about two-thirds as much light as the Earth.

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This makes Kepler-442b a seriously promising candidate for hosting alien life: scientists give the possibility a 97 percent chance.

E.T. might just have been phoning home to 442b.


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