A different and new world for us

Could we have a new world?

What if there didn’t have to be war? What if we didn’t need to be taxed? What if there were no hunger, crime, violence, or tyranny?
I believe this is all possible. We could have a world where people are actually free with a Resource Based or Asset Based economy.

new-world-RenewableEnergyThe concept evolved and became popularized by Jacque Fresco (of The Venus Project) in the 1970’s as a “resource-based economy,” was first envisioned by Howard Scott in the early 1900‘s, and  released to the public by the Technical Alliance (which became Technocracy Incorporated). At it’s core it is a philosophy of abundance, sharing, and cooperation in which all goods and services are available to all community members without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude.

I believe the top three reasons for this approach are common sense, ecological sustainability, and social responsibility. Most people now realize that we live on a planet with the necessary resources to feed, clothe, and shelter our entire population but greed and rationing have made these resources so unavailable that over 10,000 children die every day because it’s not profitable to provide the necessities they need to survive. This pattern of withholding what is needed, and the hoarding of possessions, is in my opinion both irrational and counterproductive to our survival. Yet, things like this continue on the national, city, community, and even the family level throughout most ‘civilized’ cultures. I do not think it has to be this way.

Common sense tells us sharing and cooperating makes sense.

In my opinion, common sense tells us this hoarding and withholding of that which we are capable of sharing for the benefit of our fellow human beings serves neither the individual or humanity. Valuing paper and shiny things over survival needs and perpetuating the ‘mine’ over ‘ours’ mentality is something we emphasize to our children NOT to do, but appear to have difficulty exercising ourselves. Despite all this, sharing and working together IS part of who we are, and what we as a species are moving towards, as part of our pathway to evolved consciousness. Most of us who know this are creating it in our families and communities already and it is not as far off as most people think it is.

Sharing of resources, and open-source sharing of ideas, is also significantly more ecologically sustainable and a pathway to enhanced efficiency, ingenuity and teamwork. By eliminating the need for everyone to own one of everything we free up resources for the expansion of all things shared and the replacement of things needing repair, working together as a community to collectively decide whenever we need to replace, upgrade, or purchase duplicates of things to maintain the comfort, efficiency, and feeling of abundance of our community. This reduces waste, encourages cooperation, and supports an on-going environment where relationships are valued over possessions.


Is it socialism? No, because asset based community development and resource based economies are specifically to counter large, over-reaching government bodies that make the decisions telling people to do something they don’t want to, and resource based or asset based economies would be taking this a step further by committing to consensus governing. It is useful, however, to note that indiscriminate labeling and demonetization of every time people come together to share and cooperate with one another is, in our opinion, significantly slowing our ability to grow as a species. A great deal of monetary resources and human energy have been put into convincing people that capitalism is something we should fight for and that, contrary to consistent evidence, the majority of pharmaceutical companies, food distributors and other profit-based corporations prioritize what is in the best interest of humanity over profit. Regardless of how untrue we feel this is, it is not our goal or purpose to convince or debate the topic; instead we’d like to just invite people to do something different, designed specifically for those who see its benefits and want to be a part of it.

This could work world wide, if only the world would wake up.

Those who are aware of these solutions have a responsibility to show these things to the world, to show everyone that you know, to shed light on the faults and lives being lost in this moral absent way of life.
We are becoming free range slaves for governments who aren’t fulfilling the promises and duties of their jobs. In a society like this we could utilize all of Teslas ideas for renewable energy. there are endless reasons behind implementing this. The only negative is the obstacle of the human understanding and the breaking down of the system in place. This is not a national problem, this is a world wide problem that will need a world wide answer.
By Grant Pike

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