Did we discover “Alien technology” and reverse-engineer it?


A lot of people have wondered ever since the first reported UFO crash, if we had come into contact with Alien technology.

Highly advanced technology that we managed to reverse engineer and utilize for our own purposes.

According to Jack A. Shulman, president of American Computer; the invention of the transistor may have been inspired by the study of the remains of a crashed alien spacecraft, basically reverse engineered technology.

Edgar Mitchell ignited further controversy, by requesting the creation of a commission to find out if it is true that some military and civilian estates have used alien technology.

Alien Technology and humans reverse engineering it was first mentioned in 1997 when, American Computer Company (ACC) suggested the possibility that the study of the remains of a crashed alien spaceship in Roswell in 1947, or another crashed Alien spaceship might have been definitive for the development of the transistor, made in 1948 by Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain doctors in the Research Center of Electronic Circuits at Bell Laboratories.

The basis for such claims are a series of documents and testimonies that supposedly were in possession of ACC. This theory matches the stories of many others, among them, former Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Corso, who in his book; The Day After Roswell, claims being part of the team that handed the remains of the crashed object and delivered parts to different departments of Bell Laboratories.

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Edgar Mitchell, lunar module pilot of Apollo XIV and sixth man on the moon, has also joined the controversy by declaring that he believes that some military and civilian companies used technology that did not originate on Earth originally.


Many ufologists and independent researchers believe that this technology, of extraterrestrial origin, is in the hands of a shadow government that acts independently.

The sudden “invention,” or better said, re invention of the transistor was a real technological revolution, as it involved something radically different from what scientists were doing before.

Prior to 1947, only vacuum tubes and germanium and selenium diodes and, elements which are found in nature were used. The transistor supposed the appearance of the semiconductors, for which scientists used artificially created materials, based on silicon and other elements.

According to ACC, among the remains of the alien craft crashed, researchers found several other technologies; nuclear Energy, robotics, computer systems and communication devices. Many of the pieces of Alien technologies are still being studied and tested today.

Interestingly, according to ACC, one of the allegedly found parts was composed of silicon and arsenic, and showed, under a microscope, a series of extremely complicated circuits. This “device” could act as high-speed electronic switch and as an amplifier, which inspired the invention of the semiconductors.

ACC presented many pieces of “evidence” in a meeting held in October 1997 at the University of Princeton where members from ACC highlighted a number of books dated from 1947 and, according to ACC, even from Bell Laboratories, which contain executive orders for the analysis of the secret technology found in “an unknown object.”

Many ufologists state that the transistor wasn’t the only technology inspired by recovered alien technology. Lasers, fiber optics, solid state circuitry and large-scale systems could all be inspired based on the reverse-engineer Alien technology.

What do you think about the possibility that scientists managed to reverse-engineer alien technology in the past? And is it possible that this “otherworldly” technology helped us advanced technologically as a civilization? There are many questions regarding this theory, but the possibilities are endless.

Here is the announcement from The America Computer Company:

[This text is reproduced verbatim from a posting at the American Computer Company website, dated April 2, 1998. CNI News does not necessarily endorse the views put forth in this text.

See – http://www.American-Computer.com/announceatt.htm]

American Computer Company announces who is behind a campaign of “Internet Warfare”, who is behind the “UFO Cover-Up” and who broke into its offices in August of 1997.

Cranford, NJ — April 2, 1998

ACC today stated that it had proof that employees of AT&T / Motorola Corporation were engaging in a world-wide campaign of Internet Warfare, and Libel against American Computer Company. ACC believes that the decision to do so, was a joint decision between elements of AT&T and Motorola management, fearing world-wide backlash from the significance of the DISCOVERY that AT&T had NOT really invented the Transistor after all!

ACC has identified “key players” who are campaigning against its Investigation of claims that AT&T received the Transistor and the Laser and related technologies, as a result of an ILLEGAL Transfer of technology from the United States Government in 1947 through 1949, without the legally required disclosures and with the tacit blessing of the President. The illegal activities of Internet Warfare spans several Internet List Service Engines, and several small self-described UFO “Investigation” Websites.

The Unlawful Technology Transfer in 1947 and after, hidden within the secrecy surrounding the Trinity Project and the Manhattan Project, provided AT&T with the design and ability to manufacture and patent the Transistor. AT&T was given exclusive control over the materials, the design and the theory behind the Transistor, Maser and Laser Technology in exchange for various services AT&T agreed to provide on a “99 Year” Leasehold basis.

Through its Western Electric Corporation, AT&T operated the United State’s Super Secret BOMB development projects underneath the Umbrella of the Sandia Corporation, a hidden “subsidiary” like entity of AT&T. Sandia includes the Alamagordo, Oak Ridge, Los Alamos and other Nuclear Research and Development and Deployment Facilities under its aegis. In addition, AT&T committed to a 50 year agreement to, at a reduced rate, provide Optical devices based on the Laser, and to maintain Top Secret Classified Status on all activities which derived from the special Contract between it and the US Government.

In a later development, when AT&T was “deregulated” by the Federal Courts (at the time of the Contract is was a REGULATED MONOPOLY) it was allowed to retain the privileged Sandia Contract, and continues to administer it to this date, directly and through its unusual minority control over Lucent Technologies.

Several companies which operate as free form subsidiaries of AT&T were covariantly connected with the project: Bell Aerospace, Rockwell International, BellCom, and Motorola. Numerous other smaller companies were developed by AT&T to provide military defense grade technologies, including such diverse sources as Sun Microsystems, to special foreign affiliations with specialty electronics concerns.

ACC suggested that in 1947, the first designs for the Transistor were transferred to AT&T, which assigned three brilliant Scientists, William Schockley, George Bardeen and Walter Brittain, to “cross develop” the materials needed for AT&T to patent the remarkable device. G. Kelly and J. Morton, previously involved with the Trinity Project in development of control systems on the Fat Boy [sic] and Little Boy Nuclear Weapons, and in the development of High Energy Radar used for the Distant Early Warning System of the US Government, and most space based and ground based Radar, were assigned to operate the project, which served as an inducement for AT&T’s Western Electric Corporation to operate the United State’s Nuclear Research and Development Programs on a NO FEE, NO COMMISSION basis.

The “Sandia Steering Committee”, a team of National Security cleared top secret employees of AT&T Western Electric, has operated the entire Nuclear Research and Advanced Military Weapons Development program, for the US Government since 1949, in all respects unburdening both Military and Civilian Authority from responsibility for it. This SS Committee is the moral equivalent of the MJ12 or the Trilateral Commission, and has, at its disposal, all of the resources of Bell Labs, most of the United States National Laboratories, including Sandia, and any Military and Civilian resources and major corporate resources it chooses to employ in the interest of maintaining America’s advanced readiness and military weapons development programs. To that end, ACC believes that AT&T was kept privy to and in charge of WHATEVER SOURCE the Transistor, Laser, Maser and other technologies came from, whether from an Alien Saucer, Overseas Military or domestic “mad scientist”.

When ACC’s story about the Transistor first surfaced, military security assigned to continue to maintain the classified National Security Status of these special projects involving AT&T SS Committee, operating within the E2 Security Program of the Office of Special Investigations of the three services (Army, Navy, Air Force) contrived a ploy to invade and cross-examine ACC’s personnel for any breaches of the National Secrecy surrounding AT&T’s involvement with so-called Alien Technologies and the Bomb.

A Fax labeled “Com 5 Error” was transmitted to ACC’s offices on July 31, 1997 at 5:32 pm edst. The Office of Special Security division of OSI, Air Force, out of Fort Maguire or Fort Monmouth, dispatched a unit of two personnel (plus one AT&T “Sepcial Operations” Corporate Security Manager) on Sunday, August 3rd, which entered ACC’s facility at 4:45 PM, secreting themselves in a room on the 2nd Floor of ACC’s office building in Cranford, NJ.

At 3:30 am that following morning, the staff, using a small battering ram, smashed the glass doors on ACC’s offices, and searched the facility end to end, leaving behind “marker” materials, including several CDROMs, an Electromagnetic Scanner and a Printed Listing. Using a “Card Key Programmer”, the three-man team then exited the building, by resetting the Building Security in a manner that prevented the sending of a silent alarm. A vehicle, a van, parked across an open stream at the end of the Cranford Business Park was waiting and the two returned to their detachment, materially empty-handed. No evidence of any National Security related activity was found by the two OSI Security Personnel who broke into ACC’s site. The Shopkeepers Notebook is not kept there.

Later the following week after ACC naively reported the “burglary” to the Pentagon, two more OSI personnel were dispatched to ACC’s offices, and instead of investigating the break in, botched a Question and Answer session with ACC’s staff, misreporting virtually its entire report in Field Reports, in what may have been an effort to hide their own awareness and involvement in the Break In.

ACC had for some time been working on technology, which it had determined from drawings, may have passed before the SS Committee at AT&T. These included its recent work developing Quantum Dot based Storage Technology, Advanced Photon Energy Management Systems, and High Density Solid State Storage.

ACC announced today that sample TCAP devices have been shipping in large quantity since March 1, 1997, marking a record demand for its new Power Management Controller, a derivative of the Transfer Capacitor Technology it perfected between December of 1996 and August of 1997. In addition, ACC has licensed two “co-manufacturers” to build their own TCAP based products in the past few weeks. ACC indicated that, aside from the price of the TCAP itself, it had charged only $1 for the license rights to the “Power Manager TCAP” device, but extended only a limited use license to its partners. ACC indicated that Non-Disclosure Agreements prevent it from identifying the two partnerships.

ACC, a leader in PC and Laptop technology, announced its offer of $2,500,000 on March 30th, for CONFIDENTIAL information leading to the disclosure of the whereabouts of ANY UFO in the possession of the US Government.

For more information, contact the Company.

(c) Copyright 1997 American Computer Company

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author/source presented below, and do not necessarily reflect the position of CSGlobe or its staff.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors/source and do not necessarily reflect the position of CSGLOBE or its staff.

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