DiCaprio powerful speech on climate change

powerful-speech-on-climate-changeLeonardo DiCaprio Just Made the Speech of the Year About Climate Change at the UN

Climate change is not hysteria – it’s a fact’

Hollywood actors and actresses might some be the world’s greatest pretenders, but it’s hard to deny that they’re also some of the most compassionate, proactive leaders on tackling the complex global issues humanity faces today.

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With his speech in front of the United Nations, Leonardo DiCaprio cemented his reputation as one of the world’s highest-profile activists on climate change.

‘You can make history …or be vilified by it,’ he dramatically told world leaders.

The largest summit on climate change ever held is taking place in New York right now; leaders from 125 countries are meeting at the United Nations headquarters to outline what they’re doing to combat carbon emissions to try and prevent catastrophic global warming.

Activist: DiCaprio participated in the ‘People’s Climate March’ in New York this weekend, but refused to answer questions about how his own lifestyle impacts the environment

To coincide with the talks, 400,000 people — that’s not a typo — marched in the streets of New York to demand radical and swift action on climate change, in the largest climate protest in history. They were joined by hundreds of thousands more around the world, including tens of thousands in Australia.

Watch Mr. DiCaprio call on ambassadors from around the world to work together towards “putting a price tag on carbon emissions” and stopping the subsidization of industries that are key culprits in accelerating humanity’s impact on climate change in the video below.

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The average American cranks out 17.2 tons of CO2 each year, which is partially why the U.S. is second place in total carbon emissions.

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