“Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy”

 George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy

Even if you have no more than a passing curiosity about this subject you will be enthralled with its plainly presented and thought provoking content.

The assembly of facts from unimpeachable sources mixed with reasonably sound assertions of guilt by direct association makes the government’s official account practically implausible.

If we lived in a nation with a law abiding government with a hunger to present the truth , this documentary would likely provoke a thorough investigation of the history and dot connections that are suggested.

However, if this documentary correctly depicts the facts then there’s no chance in Hell of an investigation…

Relying exclusively on government documents, statements from the best witnesses available, and the words from the mouths of the killers themselves, this daring, eye-opening film serves as a thoroughly substantiated criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, setting out to establish ‒ beyond a reasonable doubt ‒ his guilt as a CIA supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy

51 years later, I am still struck by the eloquence, intellect and in combination, the ability of JFK to deliver the finest speeches in history.

Since his murder, the verbosity emanating from subsequent presidents has been a piss poor attempt at corraling the English language let alone weaving a cohesive thought.

The functionally illiterate Bush boys, Nixon’s obfuscations, Ford’s nimble nitwittedness and Reagan’s fumbling for the right “wrong” word remind me that we did in fact lose not only a great president in 1963, we witnessed the passing of the last genuine American president.

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