The Dakota Access Pipeline Is Already Leaking Oil

The Dakota Access Pipeline Is Already Leaking Oil
Nati Harnik/AP

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has already sprung a leak in South Dakota, according to the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The pipeline spilled 84 gallons of oil even though it is not yet operational.

CBS local reports:

“The April 4 spill was relatively small and was quickly cleaned up, and it didn’t threaten any waterways. The state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources posted a report in its website’s searchable database.”

State officials simply posted the report about the spill on their website without bothering to alert the public about it.

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) says it will not fine Energy Transfer Partners — the Texas company behind the pipeline — because the spill was small and not out of the ordinary.

“Size-wise, an 84-gallon release is pretty small relative to a lot of other things we work on,” DENR spokesman Welsh said.

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In a statement in response to news of the spill, Native American spokesman Dallas Goldtooth said the following:

“This spill serves as a reminder that it is not a matter of if a pipeline spills, it’s a matter of when a pipeline spills. The fact that this occurred before Dakota Access even becomes operational is all the more concerning.

We fear more spills will come to bear, which is an all too frequent situation with Energy Transfer Partners pipeline projects. As such, eyes of the world are watching and will keep Dakota Access and Energy Transfer Partners accountable.”

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