Contaminated food from China now entering the U.S. under the ‘organic’ label

The Chinese food market has come under fire again, this time it has been revealed that food items coming to the U.S. that are labelled 'organic' cannot be trusted.

Contaminated food from China now enteringNatural Health 365 reports that certain food items in China are so contaminated that Chinese citizens won’t buy them, and that countries that import them are putting their population at risk.

Often items that come from China are turned away by U.S. food inspectors due to knowledge of them containing banned or dangerous ingredients, or simply because they don’t meet the U.S. standard of basic cleanliness.

The Chinese market have found a cunning way to get around this – by labeling food ‘organic’ when it actually isn’t.

There are several reasons as to why the U.S. should be wary of food labelled as organic from China.

Unregulated growth of products has lead to polluted soils and waterways to such a degree that nothing grown in them can be considered ‘safe’. Also, rife corruption within the government and manufacturers has put food safety at further risk.

Water in China is known to be polluted with heavy metals, Natural Health 365 noted in this report. Chinese “organic” food is so contaminated a person is at risk of becoming ill just from handling it.

The report goes on:

This is reality – all of China’s grains, vegetables and fruits are irrigated with untreated industrial wastewater. The Yellow River, which is considered unusable, supports major food producing areas in the northeast provinces.

Chinese water pollution is so rife that Chinese farmers wont even eat the produce they grow themselves. This comes from having no clean water sources to farm with. Pesticides and other growth chemical are also used in abundance.

Here are the 9 main foods Natural Health 365 has warned about:

Fish: Up to 80% of fish sold in the U.S is thought to originate in China.

Chicken: Poultry produced in China is very often plagued with illnesses like avian flu.

Apples and apple juice: Chinese apples are a recently new addition to the U.S market.

Rice: Some imported ‘rice’ has been found to be made of resin and potato.

Mushrooms: Around 34 percent of processed mushrooms come from China.

Salt: Chinese salt has found its way onto U.S shelves.

Black pepper: Mud flakes were once tried to be passed off as pepper by one Chinese vendor.

Green peas: Chinese ‘peas’ have been found to contain soy, green dye and other questionable substances.

Garlic: Around one-third of all garlic sold in the U.S. comes from China.

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