Construction crane falls on museum, everyone assumes it’s a new sculpture


Attention Dallas: The construction crane that is upended, dangerously resting on your Museum of Art is not a sculpture, it is just a crane that fell. Please stop getting so close to it.

In the early morning of April 3, a construction crane being operated near the Dallas Museum of Art fell onto the building. There were no serious injuries.

During the three hours it took crews to remove the fallen crane, onlookers began to gather around it. According to CBS News 24, many assumed it was a new installation of some kind.

That shows how stupid “modern art” has become.

To the point people are confusing between “art” and “non-art”. An old lady dying in front of a museum? it must be “art”.

When these people throw some paint on a canvas or paper, it’s worth millions of dollars, and when i’m doing it, people yell at me for wasting paint and materials.

Why do people keep pretend to appreciate something so they don’t look stupid?

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Modern art, folks. It comes in all shapes and sizes.


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