Conflict in Syria – Trump Says Will Work With Russia

Conflict in Syria Trump Says Will Work With RussiaNow that Trump is the new president of the U.S., we are able to understand him better day by day. Each presidential issue brings about a new conflict.

Valid Conflict for the President

Now all we have to do is wait and see if Trump makes the right decisions for the country.

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump started to raise some questions ever since the Texas primaries. According to his statements, Trump admitted being in favor of Libya.

But, he also inspired further conflict. It seems the president believes that the lives of both Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein ended too abruptly.

Furthermore, he commented on the issue. Based on his ideas, Trump stated that if the two were alive today, he would not allow America to intervene in any way.

Why avoid this type of conflict? It’s simple. From Trump’s perspective both of them were killing terrorists.

Although admitting he never supported them entirely, Trump continued mentioning that the United States was already in a lot of trouble because of its involvement with them.

His views on the Syrian conflict are also brought up. When expressing his opinion on the Syrian president Trump recognized Assad as being a bad person.

Furthermore, the American president is aware of the fact that a worse person could take his place anytime.

Their relationship seems confusing. Overall Bashar al-Assad hopes that newly elected president Trump would join the fight against terrorism. Yet, Assad remains “cautious in judging him“.

Donald Trump even thinks that the sums of money given to Assad’s people for supporting the war are extreme.

This is what U.S president had to say:

“Why are we backing the group? We don’t even know who those people are. […] We are giving billions of dollars of equipment to people we have no idea who they are”

Here is an interview Trump gave to CBS regarding the conflict in Syria and even Russia’s involvement.

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