Coke Put 6 Strangers In The Dark: What They Saw When The Lights Came On Blew Their Minds


 What They Saw When The Lights Came On Blew Their Minds

We live in a world filled with judgement and prejudice. Whether we realize it or not, we exist in a constant state of appraisal, making snap decisions about people we know nothing about.

To help us recognize how nonsensical prejudice truly is, Coca-Cola organized a social experiment in conjunction with their no-label campaign. While we don’t support Coke’s products, we do feel this is a great message to share with the world.

In this experiment 6 strangers were safely brought into a dark room and sat at a table. Once seated, the 6 individuals were tasked with introducing themselves to one another while the lights remained off.

After each introduction, all of the other seated participants were asked to describe the appearance of the other person.

The social experiment became particularly interesting once all of the introductions were made and the lights were turned on.

Check it out:

Not What Our Minds Expect

Our minds are incredibly powerful tools that are capable of deriving opinions, beliefs, and stories from pretty well anything almost instantaneously.

As we saw in the social experiment, no participant had a difficult time imagining what each individual they were introduced to looked like. However, what they did have difficulty with was developing a correct depiction of that person.

Where did the idea that a member of a metal band must be tattooed come from? Or, conversely, that a well-read and educated individual would not be?

As this social experiment clearly demonstrates, all of these preconceived ideas are just as likely – if not more likely – to be inaccurate as they are to be accurate.

We All Have Our Own Stories

We are all unique and interesting individuals with a powerful life story to tell. Let this video and campaign be a reminder to you to give every story a chance to be heard.

The next time you find yourself casting an opinion or prejudice, recognize where it’s coming from and let it go. We know how interesting our own story is and how worthy we are of respect and love, so why not do our part in giving it to everyone else?


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