California will run out of water very soon

California will run out of water very soon

Stop taking water from drought stricken California.

According to NASA’s new report, California only has enough water to get it through the next year. People are under strict water-saving measures; farmers are struggling to keep their crops alive.

Yet, Nestlé is bottling water from at least ten natural springs throughout California, including from some of the most drought-stricken areas of the state, and selling it for profit. In places like Sacramento, it’s paying less than $0.14 per gallon. This is bananas.

We can stop this. Nestlé’s already feeling pressure in Canada — last month, we hit front page news for our campaign to stop the giant corporation from withdrawing Canadians’ groundwater at dirt cheap rates, and political parties in Canada are debating the policy.

If we’re to stop Nestlé from sucking California dry, we have to keep up the pressure.

Tell Nestlé to stop depleting California’s precious water resources.

As California’s water supplies dry up, Nestlé continues to make millions selling bottled water. Nestlé’s Sacramento water plant is sucking water at a rate of 50 million gallons of water each year from the city’s water reserves, and that’s just one of the billion dollar company’s five bottling plants in California. And Nestlé isn’t even following the rules — a new investigation shows that Nestlé Water’s permit to transport water across the San Bernardino National Forest for bottling expired 27 years ago.

The biggest victims of this unprecedented drought are California’s food crops and the minimum-wage workers who grow them. More than 80% of the world’s almonds and nearly half of the USA’s fruits and vegetables come from California. As crops sit withering on the vine and tens of thousands of farm workers lose their livelihoods, it’s a travesty that precious water is being bottled and sold for profit instead of feeding our crops.

SumOfUs members have stood up to Nestlé exploiting our natural resources for profits, and the company has heard us loud and clear. After hundreds of thousands of us called on Nestlé to stop exploiting Pakistan’s water supply, we took the message straight to the company’s annual meeting. And now we are making front pages in Canada. We can stop Nestlé’s water-guzzling ways in California, but we need to speak out before the state completely runs out of water.

Sign the petition to Nestlé: stop taking water from drought-stricken areas.

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