Right-Wing Radio Host Bryan Fischer Says Anyone Opposed To Christianity Is A ‘Traitor’

Also claims only followers of Jesus Christ can be patriots.

Right-Wing Radio Host Bryan Fischer Says Anyone Opposed To Christianity Is A ‘Traitor’Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer said last week that anyone who opposes Christianity is a “traitor” to America.

Fischer began his program by citing George Washington’s farewell address, in which the nation’s first president linked religion and morality to patriotism, as “proof” that anyone who doesn’t follow Jesus Christ can’t be a patriot.

Then, the “Focal Point” host took it even further.

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“You want to find a traitor to your country, find somebody who is actively working to oppose Christianity and oppose the public acknowledgment of the Ten Commandments,” Fischer said in a clip posted online by Right Wing Watch.

“You are looking, my friend, right there at an American traitor.”

His show is produced by American Family Radio, which is part of the American Family Association. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the AFA as a hate group due to its radical anti-LGBT views.

Fischer has previously said that gay Boy Scouts create “sexual tension” on camping trips, that gay NFL players would create “sexual tension” in locker rooms and that gays in the military create “sexual tension” in the armed forces.

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