Bravery or Insanity? Man vs. Lava

We’ve seen Mario and other video game stars fall into pits of it and meet their untimely deaths time and time again.

We all known that lava is dangerous. Lava might be the single most badass thing known to man.

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An unfortunate symptom of such godlike epicness is that humans, physically speaking, don’t fare so well when they get close to an exploding volcano — unless you’ve got a few screws loose and a ultra-fireproof lava suit, that is.

When a man dives into an exploding volcano (and doesn’t die), there’s no other outcome but awesome.

Brave Idiot Shows Us What Happens When You Step on Lava

We’ve seen a man in a bionic suit jump into a bubbling volcano. But we’ve never seen anybody step on it, because why the hell would anybody do that?

Oh, wait, somebody did. Watch the video below to see a Hawaiian tour guide bravely plunge his foot into thousand-degree molten rock to demonstrate just how thick it really is.

It looks squishingly dangerous.

There have been a whole bunch of lava related videos popping up on Youtube lately. The current craze is to put various objects in a lava flow and watch them melt. Check out the vids below:

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