Bosnian sculptor transforms tips of pencils into unique artworks


An award-winning Bosnian sculptor, Jasenko Đorđević (pronounced Djordjevic), can turn a pennyworth pencil into a priceless piece of art.

Using an X-Acto knife and a tiny chisel, he creates one-off, thought-provoking miniatures that speak for themselves.

It’s amazing how creative human beings are, and how so many of us have this natural drive to create art.

It seems as if children today are discouraged from pursuing a pastime as ‘frivolous’ as art, instead told to go to school, study ‘serious’ subjects like math and science, and get a good job (whatever that means).

That’s why it’s always great to share something like this.

Đorđević’s favorite material is graphite.

The sculptures below come from Jasenko Đorđević, of TOLDart.

Bosnian-sculptor-transforms-tips-of-pencils-into-unique-artworks-6 Bosnian-sculptor-transforms-tips-of-pencils-into-unique-artworks-5 Bosnian-sculptor-transforms-tips-of-pencils-into-unique-artworks-4 Bosnian-sculptor-transforms-tips-of-pencils-into-unique-artworks-3 Bosnian-sculptor-transforms-tips-of-pencils-into-unique-artworks-1 Bosnian-sculptor-transforms-tips-of-pencils-into-unique-artworks Bosnian-sculptor-transforms-tips-of-pencils-into-unique-artworks-9

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The 32-year-old artist transforms the tips of pencils into sculptures depicting people, animals, birds, towers and flowers so rich in detail, one wonders how on earth the tiny elements can actually fit. Just give him an inch, and he’ll show you a ‘mile.’

The virtuoso has been drawn to miniatures since childhood. The older he grew, the more fascinated he became with his craft.

In 2007 he applied for entry in the Guinness World Records book with an origami boat made from a piece of paper measuring only 1.5×2.5 millimeters. The boat itself was even smaller – only 1.2x1x0.7 mm. Đorđević says he wasn’t accepted because there was no category for his work.

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