Beware: High Radioactive Levels Have Taken Over the Pacific

Beware High Radioactive Levels Have Taken Over the Pacific 4Just about everyone knows about the tragic events which took place during March 11th, 2011. We are talking about the Fukushima incident and its radioactive effects.

Following a large-scale earthquake in Japan, a 15 meters tsunami is to blame for the outing of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors power supply.

Since the cooling system was disabled, as a result,  a nuclear disaster was caused.

But this also lead to a bigger issue:

the Pacific Ocean is now full of large quantities of radioactive material.

Researchers raised drastic concerns.

They say that a large part of the country has already become exposed to chemical toxins. The area is no longer safe.


Occupying one-third of the globe, the Pacific Ocean already appears to be infected by toxic wastes. The IAEA is already looking for new measures.

According to recent data, countries around the Pacific Ocean have become aware of these circumstances.

In order to save the environmental and economic situation, both the IAEA and Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) established the Technical Cooperation.

Its main purpose was to keep under observation the existence of radioactive substances.  TC members must also guarantee that seafood is safe to eat.

Beware High Radioactive Levels Have Taken Over the Pacific 1

TC Objectives

The first meeting of TC took place in 2012. The objective was to introduce new hydrodynamic machines.  Using them, we can predict the level of spread of radioactive substances across the Pacific waters.

The strongest one known as the Kuroshio Current was, in fact, considered the biggest threat. But, by the end of the meeting, researchers discovered that the concentration level of chemical substances was not as high as expected.

Two years later, TC has brought to surface new data. After analyzing two samples, researchers discovered remains of the cesium element.

In 2015, it happened again. News of significant traces of this reactive element appeared. More precisely, cesium 134 and cesium 137 were discovered in Canada, near Vancouver Island.

No one has ever found traces of cesium-134 in the waters around North America. Also, the only possible source of such elements at the moment is the Fukushima incident. Only then, the IAEA declared that the Pacific Ocean is polluted.

Beware High Radioactive Levels Have Taken Over the Pacific

Radioactive Toxins are Harming the Waters

As soon as the news went public, concern began to rise among its consumers. Despite the researcher’s attempt to calm everyone, it was no use. At the end of the day, radioactive substances are still harmful, no matter the level we find them into.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute’s marine specialist, Ken Buesseler, has a theory on this. He blamed the currents of the sea for the high spread of radioactive materials. Based on his theory, toxic waste spread faster this way.

From his perspective, the main focus of the IAEA now should be that of constantly monitoring the ocean level and maintaining it to 0. Unless we do this, major disasters would come our way.

We are slowly getting close to a point where we can’t be sure whether what we fish from the sea is safe or not. Besides the radioactive waste from Fukushima, the industries tend to drop into the sea even other toxic elements.

Researchers continue to declare that the levels of radioactivity are indeed of great concern. The video below explains more on why that is:

Unfortunately, humanity is dependent on the sea and its resources. Protecting our health on a global scale seems to play a significant role. This is the reason why we can’t allow the seas to further become infested with radioactive chemicals.

Governments play the most important role. They must supervise and at the same time avoid all attempts to discharge of waste within ocean waters.

Why can’t we just give up on nuclear power and rely solely on technology based on renewable energy? Maybe by doing that, we could save the planet from all these radioactive tragedies.

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