The Beauty of Knowledge and truth

Knowledge and Truth

Straight to the point, ignorance is bliss, knowledge and truth can eliminate friends, cause pain, and make you angry until the day you die, but knowledge and truth has been a friend I would fight for until my time is up on this earth.

There is some kind of insanity to embracing knowledge and truth even though it has only showed you what the real world looks like. Why do I say there is some kind of insanity? I say it because knowing the truth about this world has brought so much joy. It gave me something so much more greater than the American dream to live for.

See even though knowledge and truth has showed me what the world really looks like, it has also shown me a world that was always in my eye sight, but a world that was also hidden from me because of my ignorance. I was always the type of person who wanted to travel and see beautiful places, but feeding my mind with the knowledge that comes with sociology, anthropology, and permaculture, has given me a new perspective of people, culture, and nature. When I go places, even if its a store, I pay attention to people and their mannerism. Especially people from different countries.

When I come across new soil, I test it. I also watch the animals and how they harmonize with nature, and that always lead me to think just how far we humans have fallen out of harmony with the rest of creation.

I heard someone say “everything in this system is death, and everything out of the system is life.” There is this video that was put out by RT news called “The Resident: Be poor, Live longer.” In the video it is said that scientists studied residents of Costa Rica’s Nicoyan Peninsula, and found that those who lived longest were the poorest, and had less stress.

Now to my understanding, poverty should make you stress more, so how do these people have less stress? I believe they have less stress because they are not really impoverished, they just don’t have the “luxuries” America say you must have, and since they don’t have those things, they are seen as poor through the eyes of an American, but they are not. I believe they live the longest, and are less stressed because they are out of the system, and have all the things that are needed and have meaning in life.

When you see the world through the lens of ignorance, you will put help where help is not needed. Let me explain what I mean. There is this documentary called “Schooling the world: The white man’s last burden,” and in the documentary a woman, who was  from Germany I believe, visited the Ladakhi people in northern India. Now one of the main focuses of the film is how the Ladakhi people are good. They are not poor, they have their culture, and they live happy lives, but when the lady from Germany visited these people she was moved, so she helped raised money for more “education” for the Ladakhi people.

Throughout the film you see how this ”education” has helped inject people in the system, caused problems, and a lot of them want to get out and go back to their villages, but they can’t because now they have debts. I’m sure the German lady had good intentions in her heart, but good intention is not good enough. This is true also in other areas of life. If you are walking down the street and someone get hit by a car, and you see no blood, but the person is knocked out, through the good in your heart you may want to help, but someone trained in CPR will tell you not to touch the person because you can make thing worst. If someone have been trained to do CPR, they are permitted to help. Their knowledge is what will tell those who wasn’t trained in CPR not to touch the person, while they go in and try to help the person. This is why good intentions can be very harmful if it is not backed by knowledge.

(The food in the system is killing us as well, and the process in which the food is grown, is killing the earth)

Everything in this system is death, and everything out of the system is life

truth (3)The picture is so powerful because it is the very essence of what knowledge will do for you when you seek it. Some may say “who would want to view the world as the guy standing on the books?” but my question is who wouldn’t? What he sees is the real world while the ignorant man is mesmerized by an illusion. Do you want to live in a illusion?

I write this article to encourage those who are pursuing to make the world a better place. If you are just a messenger, gardener, healer, activist, writer, etc., keep doing what you are doing, and know that what you do makes a difference.

If you are lost in a forest, and come across a path, you can believe it leads to nowhere and stay in the forest and die, or you can believe it leads to food and shelter, and walk it. Your actions was based off your belief, so act as if what you do makes a differences, and keep doing what you do. More and more people are waking up, but we are still few, so we must fight.

By Raphael Uzzyah

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