Attention fellow Nutella lovers!

Nutella Could Go Extinct If We Don’t Stop Climate Change

Attention fellow Nutella lovers: we are facing a major crisis.


The price of what my friends like to call “the poop of angels” could soon be on the rise due to a global shortage of hazelnuts.

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Severe frost and hailstorms in Turkey — the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts — damaged hazel flowers during harvesting season.

Earlier this year, the country expected to produce about 800,000 tonnes of nuts, but harsh weather slashed the number down to just 540,000.

The cost of hazelnuts has increased by more than 60 percent this year. Wholesale prices have risen from $3,020 to $4,500 per tonne.

And since the maker of Nutella, Ferrero Group, is the world’s biggest buyer of hazelnuts — they purchase up to 25 percent of the world’s supply! — we might see a price increase sometime in the near future.

Will there come a day when only royals can afford Nutella? And if the weather keeps changing like it is, a day when Nutella doesn’t exist at all?!

Realistically, probably not. At least not in our lifetimes. But the negative impact of climate change is very real every day, and it shouldn’t take the threat of losing our favorite snack food to make us care.

We may still have Nutella in our cabinets, but this polar bear doesn’t have home.

Anna Culaba | Ryot

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