Army Veteran Beaten, Bloodied and Bagged for Picking a Flower During a DAPL Protest

Picking a Flower During a DAPL ProtestAs many of you already know (no thanks to the mainstream media who is still ignoring this story because they are sponsored by banks and oil companies) there are thousands of people who have been protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Most of them are in Standing Rock North Dakota, but not all.

According to eyewitness, on Nov 17th US Army veteran Charles Jordan was protesting DAPL outside a Wells Fargo (one of the largest sponsors of DAPL) in Bismarck ND when the police were called to the scene.

The police told the protesters to immediately vacate the premises, even though they were standing on a public sidewalk.

Instead of leaving, Charles Jordan picks a flower growing in a pot nearby and tosses it at the police. The next thing he knows, 6 cops are jumping on him, beating him with their fists.

Charles sustained a heavy beating before they managed to tie his hands with zip ties and started to carry him off.. But then it gets even worse. Charles sustains a dislocated shoulder and even has a BAG PUT OVER HIS HEAD.

A large percentage of police are veterans. HOW could they do this to one of their own? Oh, right.. It was because of SUBSTANTIAL donations that were recently given to the local ND police department upon the agreement that they quell all DAPL protests, especially in the surrounding area where they want to lay the pipeline.

Bank protests have been common since the economic crash and the bank bailouts. Why all the violence now? Why such a huge police response? Seems like they really don’t want people knowing who is funding this pipeline.

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