Anonymous Send Chilling Message To Westboro Baptist Church


If you don’t like something, you’re well within your rights to say so.

The second you start acting upon and threatening violence against what it is you don’t like, you need to perhaps curb that enthusiasm.

Even if what it is you’re hating on is an utterly deplorable group of people like those at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Regardless, Anonymous have sent the church a chilling message after they threatened to gatecrash the funerals of the victims of the Charleston shootings.

An arm of the hacker group released a public statement on Twitter, claiming they are taking over the Westboro Baptist Church’s online activity. But what’s most haunting is what they said at the bottom.

Anonymous-Send-Chilling-Message-To-Westboro-BaptistThey then sent a series of tweets depicting what the three phases of their mission would look like.

And if anyone thinks they were just blowing hot air, Anonymous then left this tweet showing the weapons they’re going to use in the attack.

Naturally, the Westboro Baptist Church may say a lot of hateful things but they rarely actually inflict violence upon others. And Anonymous have been accused of just being keyboard warriors by some sections of the media.

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Fingers crossed both those things remain true for the foreseeable future.

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